Best Practice Partners

It takes many people and companies to support the growth and development of the medically integrated fitness industry and its many facilities. These companies have recognized the groundbreaking and revolutionary approach to health and wellness represented by the Medical Fitness Association and have stepped in to support our growth. Our partners stand ready to assist you in the development of your center through building professional and long-lasting relationships to help ensure positive outcomes for your members. We hope you will utilize our partners to further your own success!

If you are a potential Best Practice Partner, or want more information about our Best Practice Partner program, please contact our President & CEO, Bob Boone.


Medical Fitness Association Global Wellness Partner

Founded in 1983, TechnoGym is the world’s leading international supplier of products, services, and solutions in the Wellness and Fitness fields. With over 2,200 employees and 14 branches globally, TechnoGym exports 90% of its product to 100 countries. More than 65,000 Wellness centers and 100,000 private homes are equipped with TechnoGym. TechnoGym was the official supplier for the last five editions of the Olympic Games: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Turin 2006, Beijing 2008, London 2012 and will continue this partnership at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. TechnoGym also is a leading sponsor at the next Universal Exposition, Expo 2015 in Milan

Active Wellness

Active Wellness is a specialty management company passionate about building active communities through fitness and wellness. We manage and operate more than 60 sites including commercial, tenant, corporate wellness and medical fitness centers throughout the US. It is our mission to build and inspire healthier, more active lives through high touch interactions and technologies that support a better quality of life. Our services include fitness center management and consulting, corporate wellness, health population management, design and procurement and equipment services. Learn more about our services at 
ActiveLinxx is the sole solution provider for operating the FitLinxx SystemTM, the computerized
exercise tracking software that attaches directly to fitness equipment for the past 25 years. The
System automatically coaches, captures and displays a user’s exercise regime to provide instant
feedback for easy tracking of their fitness goals with use of a personal PIN. And
with the integrated ActiveLinxx website and app, users can manually log exercises and
display their workout data anytime, from anywhere — helping them remain healthy, motivated and

Black Iron Strength®

With the recent outbreaks of untreatable infections including MRSA, which is often traced back to the workout facility, Black Iron Strength® took the ancient technology of copper and applied it to free weight equipment. With this patented technology, Black Iron Strength® is the only equipment manufacturer to offer free weight equipment with copper touch points. Copper surfaces by CuVerro® has been shown to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria within two hours of contact. Given that bacteria can survive on surfaces for months, Black Iron Strength® prefers to use CuLEAN® Antimicrobial Copper on their equipment. It is simply the best material for all surfaces as bacteria and other harmful pathogens cannot survive on it.

  • PROVEN to kill 99.9% of bacteria in two hours or less.*
  • ONLY EPA registered solid surface grips on free weight equipment.
  • WORKS continuously between cleanings–24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • ECONOMICAL and durable. Lasts lifetime of equipment. Easily maintained.
  • RECYCLABLE, environmentally responsible, green product.

Club Automation

Club Automation provides an innovative online SaaS solution that helps facilities streamline and automate a variety of both common & complex processes involved in running a health club. Club Automation’s fully integrated solution is designed for large health clubs with one or multiple locations. The Club Automation suite was designed from the ground up to help operators simplify their systems, streamline operations, engage members, empower staff members, reduce operating costs, grow revenues, and provide exceptional service to their members.

Cooper Wellness Strategies

Cooper Wellness Strategies is an affiliate company of Cooper Aerobics in Dallas, TX founded in 1970 by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH.  Cooper Wellness Strategies integrated its services with Meritage Healthcare Strategies in May, 2018 and together provide a complete suite of services including project concept development, feasibility analyses, strategic planning, business performance improvement consulting, leadership training and education, wellness programming and fitness facility management for corporate, commercial, residential development and health care organizations.

For more information visit us at


EXOS is a leader in the field of human performance, a category it created more than 15 years ago. Today, EXOS employs more than 3,500 people in over 400 locations worldwide. With award-winning facilities, technology, and services, EXOS connects people and organizations to the solutions they need and provides individualized plans based on time-tested fundamentals and research in order to help people take control of their health and performance. EXOS is trusted by hundreds of clients, including world champions in sports and one-quarter of Fortune 100 companies, as well as leaders in health care, medical wellness, military, and community organizations. To learn more, visit


FitRewards is the leading engagement solution exclusively for the health and fitness industry. Designing and providing custom branded rewards and loyalty solutions since 2005. Developed by Club Owners and Operators to enhance the customer journey all while optimizing your profit objectives and increasing the longevity the member stays with you. Managed by industry experts and completely branded for your club. FitRewards specializes in rewards programs for medically based fitness centers with a proven ROI.

HealthWell Solutions

Our approach isn’t one size fits all and hope it works wellness, but to provide our clients with solutions that have already been validated and proven to work. HealthWell Solutions (HWS) provides evidence-based health solutions for effective disease prevention, risk identification, and health and wellness management in corporate, healthcare, and retail settings. The US healthcare system is evolving from fee-for-services to value based design. Prevention and care coordination with help manage medical costs which continue to rise at an unsustainable pace.

Compelled to find solutions to stave off these destructive trends HWS was established to address the growing need for evidence-based prevention solutions, wellness products, and services for Employers, Insurance Brokers, Healthcare Organizations, and Retailers within the Health Promotion industry interested in implementing proven solutions to drive positive outcomes and ROI. With an extensive background in biometric screenings, second-generation predictive modeling health risk assessments, nutrition solutions, motivational health coaching, telemedicine, and wellness platforms, HWS can create an effective, comprehensive health and wellness program enabling you to succeed in improving your population’s health and reducing costs.

Healthy Learning

Healthy Learning is one of the world’s foremost publishers of instructional materials for health/wellness, fitness, exercise, sports medicine, and camp professionals. Founded in 1997, Healthy Learning offers a content library of over 3500 titles that feature several of the most respected individuals in their area of expertise. The underlying mission of Healthy Learning is to provide individuals with the information and resources that they need to address the needs, concerns, and interests of those that they serve.

Health and Nutrition Technology (HNT)

HNT provides comprehensive training, nutrition and support to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We take a balanced approach to weight loss by applying evidence-based practices. Our focus is on long-term success: we strive to keep participants engaged over time. Learn how to end the cycle of dieting and achieve long term success through a partnership with HNT.


Hyperwear designs unconventional tools for unconventional training and drives innovation in functional fitness equipment for active aging, wellness programs, rehab & recovery, and professional & collegiate athletes. Our patented line of training tools is designed for safety, using sand & steel shot to create extremely versatile free weights. The softness of the SandBell, SteelBell, SandRope and SoftBell lines makes them perfect for commercial use, causing less damage to floors and less injury to users. Each of our products can be used in many ways, replacing several other traditional fitness tools with one innovative solution.

Jonas Fitness

Jonas Fitness has grown to be the leader in Enterprise Facility Management and Billing software, and has long been the trusted partner of the largest and most successful operators in the industry. We are a true technology partner that provides the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry a stable, secure, and scalable enterprise solution, and a best in class team to help your business succeed in this extremely competitive market.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we specialize in building long lasting partnerships with multi-purpose Health and Fitness Clubs, as well as Wellness and Corporate Fitness Centers. Clients trust us to be the foundation of their business and we are dedicated to providing the best service and support in the industry!

Life Fitness

Life Fitness began over 45 years ago with an idea, and a vision – Create a different kind of fitness equipment. Something that will engage and inspire exercisers to do more, to push themselves further. Out of this vision was born the world’s first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the LifeCycle Exercise Bike. Our long-standing commitment to thoughtful product development and partnership has resulted in the global leader in the commercial fitness industry with over 400 different products delivered to thousands of commercial and home fitness customers worldwide.


Since 1986, quality fitness centers have relied on MicroFit assessments as an important member service and to promote a higher level of personal training.  A MicroFit fitness/wellness assessment allows trainers to easily meet new members, gain their trust, understand their goals, recommend programs, and track their progress. Our fitness assessment software measures over 30 physical fitness characteristics and can be interfaced to the MicroFit FAS-2 testing equipment for computer-controlled measuring of weight, body fat, blood pressure, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness.  MicroFit is one of the original sponsors of MFA because we have always been committed to higher standards of healthcare and objective outcomes reporting which is obviously what MFA is all about.

Midtown Health

Midtown Health unleashes the momentum for your fitness center to run like a winner.  Our expertise in fitness center management, frees health systems to focus on their core business. Our team of professionals have helped create success stories across the country by implementing process improvement, growing revenue, managing expenses, building top-notch teams, enhancing medical integration and developing remarkable member experiences.

As a division of TCA Holdings, LLC, founded in 1969, we are the 13th largest health club operator in the U.S.  Our clients choose to partner with us because of our strong management team and operational support, as well as our ability to maximize their club’s profit potential. We listen and immerse ourselves in the unique culture, personality and values of your operation. We think like owners, because we are. And the results show in everything we do for you.


MYZONE is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that lets your members compete together and track exactly how hard they’re working.

Orbital Rotation

Our mission is to provide the Athletic Training World with accessories that further enhance adn augment the muscular efficiencies and resistance provided with a single movement at the training point. We have found that these same concepts apply equally effectively in the deconditioned population as well as the more frail elderly, and those managing chronic illnesses.

Population Health Consultants

We are a provider of wellness & population health strategy and implementation solutions. Our consultants come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our staff’s diversity and expertise allows us to find the best solution to allow your Health Strategy to compliment your business plan. The team ensures that your strategy includes evidence based solutions that fit your culture and provide the needed change for your employees and culture. We specialist in medical fitness integration, healthcare, hospital systems and employers of all sizes.

Power Wellness

Power Wellness is the nation’s largest medical fitness management company. Founded in 1996, we have managed over 50 fitness centers for healthcare systems, academic institutions, community foundations and senior living communities. Our team members and programs are focused on enhancing our clients’ brands, complementing their centers of excellence and proactively addressing chronic disease management and population health.

Today, Power Wellness transparently manages a third of the MFA’s certified facilities and serves over 100,000 members, managing 5 million visits by our 2,300 team members nationwide. With eight strategic service lines, Power Wellness has the value-added resources to “help you succeed”.

We maintain five strategies that are the core of our medically-based fitness operating model.

  1. Medical Fitness Association Certification – Power Wellness leads the industry in MFA certified managed centers.
  2. Integrated Technologies – Power Wellness has proprietary HIPAA compliant systems and technologies that digitally store and communicate Protected Health Information.
  3. General Membership Assessment – Power Wellness has a standardized assessment that effectively captures health data, communicates in a customer friendly metric, and facilitates a personalized prescriptive fitness program.
  4. Medically Integrated Programming –Power Wellness has trademarked standardized 8-week programs, Next StepsTM, that support chronic diseases and interventional procedures.
  5. Evidence Based Outcomes – Power Wellness utilizes health analytics to help each client understand their members’ aggregate health outcomes.


Movement is energy. As the green fitness company, SportsArtTM harnesses the energy of human movement to make the planet more sustainable — one workout at a time. Our mission is to advance fitness industry standards by being one of the most creative and eco-friendly manufacturers of premium quality fitness equipment.

TMI Sustainable Aquatics

TMI’s mission is to improve water and air quality for patients who require aquatic therapy and, as importantly, for the instructors that are in the water all day. What separate us is from our competition, is that we are not a pool company.  We are a unique technology and education company. TMI has been working with commercial aquatics for 20+ years with offices in the Pacific NW and NY. TMI has CPO® Instructors, Inspectors and the entire staff is CPO® certified. Our technical staff specializes in training and supporting operators on how to effectively manage their aquatic environments. TMI Sustainable equipment elevates the water and air quality, stimulating many swimmer compliments, thereby increasing revenue potential. This product line also reduces the environmental footprint of the aquatic facility to every extent possible.

TMI is the only company to offer “BRIDGING® whereby the operator is trained both on-site and remotely over a set time period on how to operate and maintain the TMI equipment and sustainable pool environments using as few chemicals as possible to optimize water and air quality. Our customers appreciate our training and technical support. TMI has several MFA member clients and non-member Wellness Center Clients including; Dedham Health & Athletic Complex, Marianjoy Hospital, NW Hospital and Franciscan OMNI.  To watch a customer video, go to this link: Riverside Health & Fitness Bourbonnais, ILClick here for a comprehensive bid from TMI Click Here. TMI also brings you zLOG®, an aquatic software program that will revolutionize aquatic management. Click here to watch a zLOG® video.


Vector Wellness

Our mission is to provide technology platforms to support those organizations that deliver health and wellness solutions for their respective populations.  The Vector Wellness solution set delivers web-based technology that supports a number of health and wellness venues. Included in these venues are systems in support of corporate health and wellness programs, population health management within healthcare settings, health and wellness coaching to support medical fitness facilities and medical practices.

In order to support patient centered health care delivery as required by the Patient Centered Medical Home and Accounting Care Organization models, medical fitness facilities will need to deliver coaching services that support standard protocols of care and can measure outcomes to support the new payment paradigms. The Vector Wellness platform provides care management health and wellness coaching tools, activity tracking, educational content, patient communications, and integration options required by medical fitness facilities to support the deployment for population health management environments.

Welld Health

Forging the connections that build a community of wellness.

Welld unites everyone who benefits from creating a culture of wellness and improving healthy outcomes for people they care about.

Our platform is a hub for physicians, workplaces, fitness clubs, and individuals to come together for one purpose; to help people make great strides toward improving their wellbeing by connecting them to the power of an integrated health ecosystem. Welld delivers proven wellness programs that are focused on improving health metrics through physical activity, lifestyle and fitness education, social connection and meaningful data that demonstrates results.