Best Practice Partner Awards

Best Practice Partner Awards

The Best Practice Partner Awards recognize outstanding accomplishments and achievement within the medical fitness industry. We encourage you to nominate our Partners for the following categories:

MFA Technology and Innovation Award: For Groundbreaking Technology in the Fitness Field

MFA Aspire Award: For Innovation in Inclusive Fitness

MFA Excellence in Design Award: For Applying Progressive Thinking in Fitness Center, Planning, Design, Construction or Financing

MFA Excellence in Management Award: For Best in Class Contract Management

MFA Excellence in Consulting Award: For Best in Class in Industry Consulting

MFA Outcomes Enhancement Award: For support in furthering the ability of member facilities to achieve measurable outcomes

MFA Strategic Partner of the Year Award: For support in the strategic advancement of the medical fitness industry and the Medical Fitness Association

MFA Best Practice Partner of the Year Award: For providing the most support in furthering the mission of the Medical Fitness Association and support of the industry

MFA Excellence in Therapeutic Intervention: For development of innovative clinical prevention/intervention strategies.