Comments on Hurricane Irma from Jewish Community Alliance

“I can’t thank MFA enough for the kind and thoughtful email, we are very appreciative to your support. The JCA lead by our executive director Myron Flagler conducted an amazing level I hurricane preparation last Friday 9/8/1977 , as a result of that we have suffered minimum damage and were able to get back to our normal operational capacity by Tue 9/12/17 at 2 pm, this opening was very helpful to our community since it helped a lot members from our community to come and shower and relax in a cool place it will be a while before JEA could fix all the power lines. Our facility and most of our staff homes made it through the storm safely but our city had devastating floods. We highly appreciate your support and we will let you know for sure if we needed any help from your association God bless you all!”

-Eiffel Gilyana,  MFA Facility Member
Jewish Community Alliance