Comments on Hurricane Irma from Lee Health Wellness Center

“Thank you so much for reaching out to see how our facilities are doing! We had been out of power until yesterday and unable to open after the storm had passed through. We have been very fortunate to not have sustained any major damage to the building or the equipment, even with a near direct hit. We spent the day yesterday with a few of our staff who had remained in the area cleaning up and preparing to open our doors back up.  Some of our staff have been dealing with flooding, debris, trees, no power and no running water at their homes through the week, but with the great preparation of the state, power is being restored little by little. We have been able to open our doors as of noon today with limited amenities to members and have been opening our facility to many Lee Health employees who are still without power or water that need showers or just a moment of quietness and sense of normalcy. We are providing them with warm showers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, water and other necessities they may be without. We have also taken our group exercise instructors out into the acute care facilities for yoga and other classes for employees who have had to deal with the stress of working on the disaster teams. Out of our struggles we have worked on ways to improve strength and support of the community and health system. Thank you again for checking in.”

-Justin Klein, MFA Facility Member
Lee Health Wellness Center