Donate to the Medical Fitness Association

The Medical Fitness Association is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity through the Medical Fitness Foundation. By contributing to one of the campaigns listed below, you’ll help ensure that our work continues. Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions. We welcome donations of any size or payment plan – whether it’s a one-time gift in honor, or in memory of someone, a monthly supporting contribution, or as a part of your organization’s matching gifts program.

Foundation Endowment Fund

The Foundation is seeking to build up an endowment whose principal will serve as a solid investment base. The annual investment proceeds from this endowment are anticipated to fund MFA event scholarship programs, Rising Star Award Winner Prizes, and other member support. As the fund grows, additional uses such as funding or partially funding research initiatives of our members will be considered.

Foundation General Fund

As a member of the Medical Fitness Association, you know the value of health and wellness. We are very proud of all the work you do every day to help make people healthier. In our continuing efforts to become a better resource to our members and the nation, we have activated the Medical Fitness Foundation. The Foundation General Fund is our undesignated fund for use in supporting the growth of the Medical Fitness Industry. Funds are disbursed as approved by the Medical Fitness Foundation Board of Trustees.

Marla Richmond Memorial Fund

Marla Richmond was an internationally recognized expert in exercise science. She was an author, researcher, international presenter, and expert resource for media. A practicing professional for more than 22 years, Marla was acclaimed worldwide as one of the most innovative teachers of her time. She used her degree and her continuing thirst for knowledge to build an amazing career, writing about and teaching the subject of exercise physiology about which she was so passionate. Marla always saw the best in her clients and helped them find the best in themselves.

In her memory and honor, the MFA has created the Marla Richmond Education Fund to both honor her memory and to support education and original work creation initiatives of MFA member facilities and individuals as approved by the Medical Fitness Foundation Board of Trustees.

Hank Boerner Memorial Fund

Hank was a Founding Member of the association and the Director of the North Mississippi Medical Center Wellness Center for twenty years. We remember Hank as a true gentleman with a passion for helping his fellow man as witnessed by his many community contributions that have benefited his home town of Tupelo, Mississippi. Hank was a pioneer who understood the potentially critical role medically integrated fitness could play in the life of a community. He continuously involved himself and his center in initiatives that mattered to the lives of individuals. Hank served for many years on the Board of Directors of the Medical Fitness Association, and was also the Board Chairman.

This fund, created in Hank’s memory, is designed to honor his legacy. Awards made from this fund support innovative and pioneering initiatives that impact the health of the community and that have the potential for being implemented beyond a single facility. Funds from this restricted account are disbursed by the Board of Trustees of the Medical Fitness Foundation.