Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain: An Introduction to Brain Health, Fitness, and Performance

Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain is an introductory course, offered by the Academy for Brain Health and Performance, that will focus on brain health, brain fitness and brain performance. What they are, why they are important no matter your age, and how they contribute to overall health and well-being of your clients.

MFA is pleased to offer exclusive access to the first of a series of courses starting with the Lifestyle Medicine for the Brain Introduction Course. This online course kicks off with a live introduction January 10 and then proceeds with a week of six 30-minute self-paced online modules that fit your busy schedule. Each module will provide you with an orientation to brain health and performance and importance to the fitness and wellness professional. To ensure a quality community experience we are limiting this class to 40 people.
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For any questions about the Academy for Brain Health and Performance courses email:, or click here to visit the website.