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Facility Examiner
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Interested in becoming a Medical Fitness
Association Facility Examiner?

The Medical Fitness Facility Certification is becoming the new standard in the industry.  As the number of facilities requesting certification continues to increase, we need more qualified examiners to perform facility site visits and examinations. Please review the requirements below.

A complimentary workshop will take place at the Annual International Conference in Orlando on Wednesday, November 12th from 8am-11am. The examiner workshop will be presented by David Evans. Click here to register!





The Medical Fitness Association is looking for qualified
professionals to become Facility Certification Examiners!

Criteria for initial appointment as a certification examiner

In order to be considered as an Examiner for Medical Fitness Association, the following requirements must be met:

Eligibility Requirements
  1. Lead:The Lead Examiner must have a minimum of six (6) years in operating and/or consulting with a medically integrated health and fitness center(s), must have completed any and all updated training requirements by the Medical Fitness Association and must be approved by the Certification Committee as a Lead Examiner. Three (3) of the six (6) years operational experience must be in a Director Position  in a medically integrated health and fitness center, or an acceptable equivalent leadership position as approved by the Certification Committee. Any exceptions must be reviewed and approved by the Certification Committee.
  2. Second: Five (5) years experience in the field with 2.5 years in a Department Head position in a health and fitness center.
  3. Both Lead and Second must be a Member of the Medical Fitness Association for at least one (1) full calendar year.
  4. Both Lead and Second must indicate on their application form (we would require all existing Examiners to resubmit applications) that they have attended an Examiner Training Workshop and reviewed the current Examiner Training Manual.
  5. No employee of the Medical Fitness Association and no person paid by the Medical Fitness Association for services rendered in connection with any aspect of the Medical Fitness Association facility certification process, except for "Examiner Compensation” as set forth in section VI below shall be eligible to serve as a Lead or Second Examiner.
Service Requirements


  1. Second Examiner must complete at least one (1) Total Center + Aquatics and one (1) other center (of any size) to move to Lead Examiner and also comply with I. a. above.
  2. Second Examiner must have a positive review from both Lead Examiners in both locations where they acted as Second Examiner.
  3. Lead Examiner must have a positive review by each facility they were Lead Examiner.
  4. If either the Lead or Second Examiner receives a negative review the chair of the Examiner Sub-Committee will discuss the negative review with the Examiner and determine the course of action regarding the Examiner status.
  5. Examiner Terms will be for three (3) years and during that period they must have completed three (3) facility examinations.
  6. Every three (3) years Examiners must reapply and indicate on their application that they have reviewed the current Examiner Manual and PowerPoint presentation.
Applicants must complete the following:


Section A

1.  Submit a current abbreviated CV when you complete the Examiner Candidate Questionnaire below containing:

  • Employment History
  • Professional Activities
  • Education and Training
  • Medical Fitness Association Membership History

2.  Complete the Examiner Candidate Questionnaire below. 


3.  Attend an Examiner Training Workshop or Web Training Seminar.

Section B

After appointment, the examiner will be sent a Letter of Agreement from the Medical Fitness Association office committing him/her to:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the certification process. This includes, but is not limited to: signing the confidentiality agreement, reading the confidentiality statement at the Summation Conference, committing to maintain the confidentiality of all communities of interest interviewed during the site visit.
  • Perform at least three facility exams within a three year period.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with all pertinent documents prior to arrival on-site.
  • Maintain a professional presentation and manner. Remember that as an examiner, you are both gathering information and serving as a resource for the facility's personnel. To perform these roles well, you must be impartial but supportive, polite, non-judgmental (especially in the hearing of anyone associated with the facility), objective, observant, helpful and friendly.
  • Return expense voucher and evaluation to the Medical Fitness Association Office within two weeks of the site visit.
  • Return the report to the Medical Fitness Association Office within two weeks of the site visit.

If you would like to be considered as a facility examiner, please fill out the form below or click here to download the hard-copy form.

Conflicts of interest must be avoided. Examiners must decline any assignment in which a real or potential conflict of interest may be perceived. This includes assignment to facilities in which close personal friends (or competitors), former associates, former students or relatives are employed, or facilities of which the examiner has been employed. Examiners should also disqualify themselves if at any time in the past they have served as a consultant to the facility. Conflict of interest may also arise when a clear disparity in the values, philosophies, or orientations of the facility and the examiner would make an objective evaluation difficult or impossible.
The process of certification is credible only to the extent that examiners respect, recognize, and maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained before, during and after the certifying process.

I have read and understand the Conflict of Interest Statement and will maintain confidentiality regarding all aspects of facility certification.

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