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Introducing the Medical Fitness Institute Presentaions
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Introducing the Medical Fitness Institute Sessions.

Sessions from the Fourth Annual Medical Fitness Institute are now available online to Association members and nonmembers.  Imagine being fully informed about the Future of Healthcare Delivery from the industry's best and brightest, on your own schedule with over 10 hours of education.

Secure your access and learn from the best!  Listen and learn as often as you'd like; it's a great value on the most valuable educational content on medical fitness available today!

Sessions include:

MEDICAL FITNESS 101: Orientation To Effective Medical Fitness Models
Presented by Doug Ribley, MS
Senior Vice President, Akron Health & Wellness

Objective 1: Attendees will gain insight into the history of Medical Fitness Association and the role the association has played and will play in the future.

Objective 2: Attendees will understand the medical fitness difference and the important position that each medical fitness center holds as it relates to the healthcare continuum.

Objective 3: Attendees will receive information on the motivation for developing and operating a medical fitness center along with key issues that differentiate medical fitness centers in their market.

Communicating with your Healthcare Partner: Leveraging the Collaborative Opportunity
Presented by Neil Sol, PhD
Director, SFO Medical Center

Objective 1: List the fundamental elements of organizational communication.

Objective 2: Identify the primary phenomena which can lead to misunderstandings in communication.

Objective 3: Distinguish between disruptive vs. integrative bargaining when negotiating with your healthcare partner or executive leader.

Financial Management & Planning for Successful Medical Fitness Delivery
Presented by Jeff Casey, BS
VP of Finance and Support Services, FirstHealth of the Carolinas

Objective 1: To be able to properly hold a financial discussion using proper terminology.

Objective 2: To be able to develop and construct both an operating and salary fitness facility budget including supplemental revenue centers.

Objective 3: To analyze and make financially sound decisions concerning lease versus own options, supplemental versus membership income options and market driven membership pricing.

Strategic Planning and Implementation: What will it take to be Unique and Distinctive
Presented by Jeff Bensky, PhD
President, JMB Associates

A strategic plan helps keep you on track amidst the hectic day-to-day operation of a medical fitness center. Learn how to develop, implement and find success with a strategic plan.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS FACILITY DESIGN: Removing the Design Barriers Between Clinical and Fitness Uses
Presented by Robert McDonald, AIA
Senior Principle, Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative

Discuss both obstacles to and enablers of Medical Integration related to specific opportunities for applying the benefits of exercise to the treatment of Chronic Disease. When business objectives, programming goals and facility design work together in harmony, successful and sustainable community health outcomes can be achieved. Presentation will focus on specific applications related to:

  1. Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab
  2. Physical Therapy/Traumatic Recovery/Neuro/Ortho
  3. Cancer Survival
  4. Alternative Medicine
  5. Corporate Wellness and Worksite Health
  6. Diabetes
  7. Weight Management and Bariatrics
  8. Arthritis
  9. Childhood Obesity
  10. Healthy Aging
  11. Sports Performance
  12. Community Outreach

The Mind-Body Integrative Paradigm: Putting Health Back into Healthcare Growing Fitness Industry Market Share
Presented by Roger Jahnke, OMD
Director, Training & Research, Founder, Qigong & Tai Chi Institute
  • The efficacy and the cost efficiencies of group coaching.
  • The recovery of America’s lost value — self-reliance.
  • Coaching as the most profound value add — coaching as the most powerful marketing strategy, coaching for revenue.
  • A highly refined model for Health and Wellness Coaching.
  • How to fill the marketing and sales funnel with an automated coaching "wizard”.
  • Fear and disease driven medical care vs. exuberance driven vitality maximization.
  • The human body makes medicine for FREE!
  • The difference between telling people what they should do and offering them the opportunity to get what they want!
  • How the American public can save over $2 Trillion annually.
  • The New American Patriotism — Health Recovery and Vitality Maximization.
  • Coaching based on assets rather than diagnostics.
  • The most important question in the history of medical research -- "How do you feel?”
  • In health and productivity, what is the most energizing question -- "What is wrong with you?” or "What do you want?”
  • Transitioning from body oriented to mind-body oriented.

Back to Business: Creating the Opportunity to Practice Medical Fitness
Presented by John Caliri
Director, FirstHealth of the Carolinas

As the need for medical fitness continues to rise in communities across the country driven in some respects by increasing healthcare costs, access to medical fitness has become crucial for all. Medical fitness centers must "think outside the box” and expand their reach beyond traditional revenue resources and become a "retail resource” for fitness and health. Learn new ideas to increase profits and reach everyone in your community to help them achieve a physically active lifestyle.

DESIRED OUTCOMES AND SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES: Measuring and Managing the Value of a Medical Fitness Center to a Hospital
Presented by Neil Sol, PhD
Director, SFO Medical Center

Objective 1: Identifying the objectives of tracking outcomes.

Objective 2: Discuss areas of tracking and recording.

Objective 3: Using the data to maximize member goals and center performance.

Uncovering your Members' Potential for a Lifetime of Fitness
Presented by Peg Calvario, BS
Empowerment Partner & Mentor for Executives and Business Owners

Coaching is found on the playing fields, in boardrooms, and in executive retreats. Isn’t it time to muscle the power of coaching to improve the health and wellness of the world? Learn how the co-active coaching model can help your members’ uncover their greatest potential for a lifestyle of fitness -- so they never want to quit. Discover the unique coaching process to differentiate your service that’s applicable across industries and job descriptions. Now is the time to think, act and lead differently. The integration of medicine, fitness and coaching will transform healthcare – one member, one client, one patient at a time.

Transitioning Acute Care Patients and Veterans to Mainstream Society Through Medical Fitness
Presented by Lori Shuart, MS, RKT
Kinesiotherapist, HH McGuire Veterans Affairs Hospital

Kinesiotherapists set up programs of exercise to treat individuals with functional limitations or those requiring extended physical conditioning due to injury, disease, or congenital disorder. Through the use of therapeutic exercises and education, they help their clients develop or maintain endurance, strength, mobility, and coordination. In general, kinesiotherapists emphasize overall functional fitness and work to prevent deconditioning and debilitation, such as muscular deterioration.

Kinesiotherapists work with a broad range of people, both singly and in groups. Their clients consist of those individuals with disabilities, older people, psychiatric patients, amputees, persons injured while working, injured athletes, or any individual in need of physical reconditioning. Kinesiotherapy may help clients who have a disability caused by heart attack, stroke, or arthritis. Clients with an injury of the spinal cord and those with impaired circulation may benefit from the services of kinesiotherapists. This session will explore the benefits and difficulties of transitioning acute care patients and veterans to mainstream society.

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