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Meet Amy Upp

Amy Upp is an up and comer! She has brought energy, enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism to all the various roles she fills in MFA. She is currently the Chair of the Central Region where she and her talented team just pulled off a great Central Region Conference.

Read more about Amy here.

Meet Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher has helped to build the South Central Region of MFA. Prior to her appointment, there had not been a regional conference in the SC Region for several years. Not only is the conference alive an growing, but her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! Thanks to Lisa for all her hard work. Read on and get to know her!

Meet Lynn Robbins

Lynn Robbins, CPA, FMFA has been a wonderful addition to the membership of MFA. She has looked around, seen a need, and jumped into the fray to help out. Lynn gets things done. She has served as the chair of Outcomes and Membership and is currently the Region Chair-Elect for MFA’s South East Region (SEMFA) and a State Captain for four states.

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Meet Paige Jones

Paige Jones is the newly minted Director of the Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center. He also serves as the SEMFA (South East MFA Region Chair) and is hosting the SEMFA Regional Conference this month! Always full of energy and passionate about everything he does, Paige is a great example of healthy living for his peers and his members.

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Meet Bob Brown

Bob Brown is one of a kind! He has made an impact everywhere he has been in his 15 year career. Also known as Jeff Jeran’s (February 2018 spotlight) twin brother from another mother, Bob is fun and willing to share almost any information you may need. You’ll find him to be knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and fun-loving. Get to know Bob at an upcoming MFA event.

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Meet Sharon Sporman

Sharon Sporman is a long time fitness professional and member of the Medical Fitness Association. She won the prestigious MFA Executive Director of the Year Award in 2015. Her leadership as the Administrative Director of the Franciscan Health and Fitness Centers in Schererville and Chesterton, IN resulted in both centers becoming MFA Certified. She is a consummate professional!

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Meet Melissa Ziegler

Melissa Ziegler is the Executive Director of the AKTA, a partner organization of MFA, and she has served in multiple roles during her many years in the industry. Most recently she was the MFA Conference Committee chair for the 2016 and 2017 Annual Conferences. She is also a professor at the University of Southern Mississippi in Kinesiotherapy.

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Meet Marci Crozier

Marci Crozier is a 35 year fitness profession whose lifelong example has impacted the industry in many ways. Serving on the MFA Marketing Committee and sharing her many talents through speaking at multiple MFA events and webinars, Marci continues to give back to her chosen profession. Her work at Fransciscan Health led to their two facilities becoming the first MFA Certified Facilities in Indiana.

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