Meet Garren Harter

Say hi to Garren Harter, General Manager at the Hancock Wellness Center-Greenfield. Enjoy his inspiring story…but don’t miss the incredible video of Garren working out with his (very) young son!!

We caught up with Garren recently and here’s what he had to say!

Meet Maya Arrington

Say hi to Maya Arrington, the Co-Founder of the first MFA Student Chapter! Read more about this amazing student and her dreams for quality healthcare that reduces health disparities and inequalities!

We caught up with Maya recently and here’s what she had to say!

Meet Karen Salazar

Say hi to Karen Salazar, the Founder of the first MFA Student Chapter! Read more about this amazing student as she heads out into the world!

We caught up with Karen recently and here’s what she had to say!

Meet Tom Johnston

Say hi to Tom Johnston, the Founder of the Talent Optimizer Group based in Denver, CO. Check out Tom’s efforts to help people do the work they love to do every day and increase world happiness!

We caught up with Tom recently and here’s what he had to say!

Meet Connor McNeil

Say hi to Connor McNeil, the Assistant Director at the Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers in Newport News and Gloucester, VA. Check out Connor’s great advice to those coming into the medical fitness industry!

We caught up with Connor recently and here’s what he had to say!

Project 435

Project 435 – Uniting the Fitness Industry to share ONE Message with One Voice!

Project 435 is a National Health and Fitness Alliance Effort to secure strong representation in every congressional district throughout the United States.

Project 435 goal and #1 priority is collective and committed effort with all stakeholders in the Industry that will form a Team of Fitness professionals that is active in spreading the message to all 435 Members of The House of Representatives through a grassroots effort focusing on the key premise.

The Project 435 and National Health and Fitness Leadership Group will provide each member of the Project 435 team a monthly professionally prepared communication that can be easily personalized by each Fitness Advocate that will be forwarded to their local Congressional District.

Click here for the Project 435 1-pager.

Click here for the Project 435 information guide.

Click here to join today!

Announcing Active Wellness Center: The New Front Door to Better Health

MFA Industry Partner, Active Wellness, is forging new ground with the introduction of the first commercially branded, medically integrated wellness center chain, Active Wellness Center. Active Wellness Center, in partnership with nationally recognized health systems, will grow to better serve today’s community health needs by taking a proactive, surround sound approach to optimal well-being. Learn more here.

Meet Rebecca Phillips

Say hi to Rebecca Phillips, the Wellness Operations Supervisor at the Vidant Wellness Center in Greenville, NC. Check out how Rebecca brings her passion & energy in all that she does – it’s inspiring!

We caught up with Rebecca recently and here’s what she had to say!

MFA Industry Partner, Club Automation, Continues Medical Fitness Blog Series

Check out the new blog series from MFA Industry Partner, Club Automation! It’s a whole series dedicated to the medical fitness industry.

Click on the blog titles to read the article.

Their first in this series is entitled, Growing Your Medical Fitness Center 

The second installment is entitled, Building Your Medical Fitness Center Brand Internally & Externally (Part 1)

The third installment is entitled, Building Your Medical Fitness Brand: Internal Branding (Part 2)

The fourth installment is entitled, Losing Medical Fitness Members? Three Strategies to Boost Retention

The final installment is entitled: Proving Your Value to Hospital Boards for Medical Fitness Facilities

Proving Your Value to Hospital Boards for Medical Fitness Facilities

In this final guide, we’ll unpack what might the most difficult task: convincing your leadership or hospital board to invest in your growth strategy.

So you’re up to bat, presenting to your board. What do you need to win them over? Building an informative, thorough, and actionable business case is the best way to help get them on your side. But constructing that kind of presentation can be daunting. If you need a place to start, try using Club Automation’s straightforward yet effective road map. Known as a SAR (Situation, Assessment, and Recommendation), this business case template is the first step to successfully present your case to your leadership.

FYI – There is a link at the end of the blog to download the SAR business case template.

CLICK HERE to keep reading!

Snapshot with MFA Member John Caliri on the Age is No Barrier Blog

Have you read Andy Graham’s blog, Age is No Barrier? It is a treasure trove of inspirational stories of  adults aged 50+ staying fit and active! In the recent Snapshots section, shorter interviews, Andy highlight’s John Caliri, Director at FirstHealth Fitness in NC. John has been a long time active member of MFA and served many years on the MFA Board of Directors. Check out this fun interview!

Click here to read the interview.