Medical Fitness Association Welcomes Evolt as an Industry Partner

The Medical Fitness Association is pleased to welcome Evolt as an Industry Partner.

Evolt is a digital body composition analytic company. Using BIA technology, it’s the only product on the market that offers personalised calorie & macronutrient recommendations based on an individual’s true lean body-mass. This innovative technology provides a digital health tracking platform for the user as an intuitive data analytics platform.

Evolt is at the forefront of technology in the body composition space, providing the latest cloud-based Body Composition technology, to help individuals achieve their physical health and well-being goals.

This powerful high tech ecosystem gives you the insights to make data driven decisions to help your business achieve higher retention rates, increased referrals, customer engagement & additional revenue streams.
Better health is about making lifestyle adjustments and changes to daily habits.

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Vapor Fresh teams up with the Medical Fitness Association as an Industry Partner

Vapor Fresh and the Medical Fitness Association team up to bring citric acid disinfecting gym wipes to the medical fitness community

ARLINGTON, VA., May 10, 2021 – Vapor Fresh, a leading manufacturer of stronger, safer, greener cleaning products specifically designed for the sports & fitness industry, has teamed up with the Medical Fitness Association as an Industry Partner to help bring citric acid disinfecting chemistry to medical fitness facilities across the United States.

“By providing medical fitness facilities an alternative to harsh quat-based disinfectants, we can help them provide a safer environment for their patients and members,” said Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Vapor Fresh. “We’re so excited to partner with the Medical Fitness Association, whose prominence and reputation in the industry will help drive the next stages of growth for Vapor Fresh.”

Due to the increased intensity and frequency of cleaning procedures from the COVID-19 pandemic, overexposure to quaternary ammonium compounds – or “quats” – has become a concern among experts. Due to the well documented reports of quat-induced asthma attacks and lung irritation from exposure to quats, this is a particular concern within the gym and fitness community.

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes use citric acid to disinfect instead of quats. Citric acid is an approved active ingredient on the EPA’s Safer Chemical Ingredients List and these wipes carry the lowest EPA toxicity rating where they are not even required to have a warning label. Even with this citric acid chemistry, Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes are still EPA registered to disinfect 99.9% of germs and are on the EPA List N Disinfectant for Coronavirus.

“The Medical Fitness Association is proud to partner with Vapor Fresh through our Industry Partner program,” said David Flench, FACHE, FMFA, Interim CEO, Medical Fitness Association. “Our program allows us to share industry products with our medical fitness membership. In this time when disinfecting has become so heightened at fitness facilities, it’s important to have vendors like Vapor Fresh that are offering an effective product without the harsh chemicals.”


Vapor Fresh has been manufacturing stronger, safer, greener cleaning products for the sports & fitness industry since 2008. Along with their disinfecting gym wipes, they also manufacture botanically-based cleaning sprays for sports pads and fitness equipment, laundry detergents for active households that wash a lot of athleisure and sports jerseys, and 100% natural foot & shoe powders.

Vapor Fresh Media Relations Dept.

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Meet Ryan Glatt

Say hi to Ryan Glatt, Brain Health Coach & Fitness Instructor at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, CA. Check out how Ryan is using “exergaming” to enhance cognition! Don’t miss his April 7th MFA webinar, Your Brain on Exercise!

We caught up with Ryan recently and here’s what he had to say!

Reh-Fit Offers FitTalks – A Virtual Seminar Series for Health Month

MFA certified facility member, Reh-Fit Centre, based in Manitoba, Canada is offering a month-long virtual seminar series for their members…and you!

According to their website, FitTalks is a virtual series bringing together experts from the fields of health and fitness to educate, inspire, and support your overall well-being. Reh-Fit is offering several smart heart health-related opportunities and educational workshops. All sessions are available virtually and are open to the public. Missed a session? No worries! If you scroll down on their FitTalks web page, you’ll see links to past sessions.

Click here to visit Reh-Fit’s FitTalks page to read about their sessions and register.

Can Your Gym Become an Essential Business?

Written by Catherine S. Mitseas for Gym Insight

This fall, Planet Fitness made news when four locations in California owned by the same franchisee reopened under the designation of an “essential” business. Their tactic? Pay for a membership in the Medical Fitness Association and follow its phased reopening guidelines, while directly contacting local health officials for permission to open.

The gyms petitioned their Public Health Services department citing adherence to reopening guidelines published by MFA and vetted through the CDC. The MFA guidelines, in some cases, are stricter than the CDC’s published work: expanding social distancing recommendations based on a population’s health risk and the type of exercise.

The effort worked for Planet Fitness and, since then, more than 500 gyms have sought membership in the North Carolina-based nonprofit, according to their membership experience director Jason Aslanian.

The former PGA professional expressed awe at the surge of interest but wants to clarify a specific point: Membership in the MFA does not guarantee your business will be deemed essential by your local government.

Fortunately or unfortunately, that decision is made by local and state officials, and each state varies widely on which businesses are considered “essential.”

The 29-year-old organization, instead, provides a wealth of ongoing educational programs, conferences and seminars to individuals in the fitness industry, is the leading certification agency for organizations wishing to become accredited within the medical fitness arena, and provides access to industry research and trends.

Membership in the MFA delivers education and resources to health club owners but does not convey certification. Certification by the MFA as a medical fitness facility is a costly multi-year process that formally recognizes your center’s actions incorporating exercise-based therapies into client recovery programs. The accreditation comprehensively reviews your gym’s adherence to expected standards for medical fitness centers, including active physician oversight and degreed staff. However, even a full MFA certification does not automatically categorize your gym as “essential.”

There are over 940 medically integrated facilities nationwide, according to MFA’s research, but only 45 MFA-certified facilities in the United States. For more information on building relationships within the healthcare community, see our August blog, “Healthcare & Health Clubs.”

What’s Next on the Road to Becoming Essential?
Lobby and prepare, from the information out there. Every state is at a different point in opening, and the continued uncertainty swirling around increases in COVID-19 cases makes decisions difficult to pin down. However, a good offense is the best defense. By implementing the MFA’s guidelines and keeping up with the CDC your gym will be ready when your state flips the switch. If there seems to be wiggle room in your community, go to the local public health services department and keep asking questions until you find the person with the best answer.

Arm yourself with relevant state and local rules that apply to each of your business’s physical locations. Review them and determine if your business falls within any exceptions to the industry shutdown. If there is any question as to whether you are an essential business, prove to the county you’re a community resource with a dedicated group of clients who need and rely on you for their physical well being. Or ask an attorney to do the talking for you.

Keep your chin up and your hands clean, and soon your company will be stronger, better informed, and ready to run burpees around the competition.