Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

The premise and platforms for delivering Medical Fitness are driven towards member, client and patient behavior in ultimately taking responsibility for their own personal healthcare.  The Supreme Courts upholding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act sets the stage for more universal access and coverage through collaborative approaches.

With the Act’s constitutionality  affirmed on June 28, 2012, Medical Fitness Centers represent a significant and growing part of the continuum and are in perfect position to welcome many individuals now seeking affordable care.  Having access to consistent ways of maintaining health, well-being and activity levels through an integrated active lifestyle management approach will be a key in sustaining our healthcare system moving forward.

Towards that goal, through Ascension Health,, and Dovetail Marketing, we are pleased to provide the digital  booklet, Actual, Factual Information About Healthcare Reform, answers to 20 frequently asked questions to help you decide if Healthcare Reform is good for your small business.

We know our facilities are committed to quality care and service delivery and we hope this information on healthcare reform helps you to answer this question for yourself and perhaps your members as well.