Webinar: A New Hope for Functional Outcomes using Neurologically Focused Rehabilitation for Those Living with Paralysis

  Previous understandings of how the body can heal post-injury or diagnosis after a neurological setback believed that there was little to no hope for functional recovery. New cutting-edge protocols have reframed thoughts of this narrative, now giving hope to those living with paralysis. These protocols, focused on “activity-based therapy” or working below the level […]

Webinar: Cultivating a Positive Organizational Culture through Leadership

  The lid on every organization’s success is undoubtedly their culture. Although culture can be viewed an abstract concept, quite the opposite is true, culture is very real and palpable. A strong culture creates the conditions for employees to take ownership and accept accountability in an organization. A healthy culture imbues everyone in the organization […]

Webinar: Aquatic Programming for Success: The Ebbs and Flows

Zoom Webinars

  This seminar will teach you to utilize your most expensive piece of fitness equipment – your pool! Learn to maximize your return on investment and take programming that is “all wet” and have it gleam with excellence. Take your dying aquatics program and resuscitate it with alternative programming, instructor training, leadership, and motivational tools […]

Webinar: Using Metabolic Testing in Corporate Wellness Programs

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  Providing health care benefits has become the responsibility of employers in the United States. This is a costly item in the budget. Preventive care and wellness programs are often seen as non-essential with limited ROI. In this webinar, you will learn how metabolic testing can be used to build an effective preventative health program, […]