Webinar: TriHealth’s Cancer Wellness Journey: How we grew from a fitness center program to an integral part of TriHealth’s survivorship plan of care.

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  Summary This presentation will start with the beginning of our program, discuss its evolution and inclusion in TriHealth’s survivorship care plan. It will also discuss managing through COVID and the changes we made to it. It will also present specific outcomes and how tracking outcomes was beneficial in getting the support of our Cancer […]

Webinar: The Pre/Postnatal Screening & Consultation: Improve Your Assessment to Improve Your Programming

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  Summary During and after pregnancy, moms are looking for expert guidance and, we as professionals they trust, have a huge responsibility in helping them go from the point of knowing what the physical activity recommendations are to actually putting them into practice. Less than 25% of moms-to-be meet the physical activity guidelines during pregnancy, […]

2023 Medical Fitness Summit – New Palestine, IN

Hancock Wellness Center - New Palestine 4055 S Roy Wilson Way, New Palestine, IN, United States

Join us for 2 days of knowledge and networking at the Hancock Wellness Center in New Palestine, IN! Check back for the agenda. We'll post a link here!

2023 Medical Fitness Summit – Portland, OR

OHSU March Wellness & Fitness Center 3303 SW Bond Ave., Portland, OR, United States

Join us for 2 days of knowledge and networking at the MFA Certified Facility, March Wellness & Fitness Center on the Oregon Health & Science University campus! The agenda will be linked here as soon as it is ready.  

Webinar: Move to Improve: The Role of Immune Health and Lifestyle on Reconditioning

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Summary Amidst the COVID era, an ever-increasing number of individuals, both young and old, are becoming more deconditioned due to sedentary lifestyle, illness and immobility. It is important for fitness professionals to understand the essential elements of immunity and the impact exercise and lifestyle play in reconditioning and immune health. By the end of the […]