Meet Doug Ribley

Doug Ribley currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Health & Wellness Services for Cleveland Clinic Akron General. MFA is also proud to call Doug their own as he is a past President and Chairman of the Medical Fitness Association.

Doug has been active in the development and administration of quality health, fitness and wellness programs and facilities for thirty-four years. He has worked in the corporate, commercial and hospital based arenas. He was instrumental in the development and operation of Akron General’s three award winning Health and Wellness Outpatient Delivery Centers which represent a $110 million investment. These centers emphasize prevention, early detection, rehabilitation and outpatient treatment in a unique, clinically integrated, environment.

When Doug is not at the office, he can be found out on the water as a water-skier. He’s also a frequent author and speaker. Doug has recently been named a Fellow of the Medical Fitness Association and the Health Care Advisory Board Company.