Meet Eric Good, FMFA

Eric Good, FMFA is the Director at Powell Wellness Center (PWC) where he is leading a comprehensive effort to provide fitness, rehabilitation, and health maintenance services to the community. He is a results-focused, quality-driven professional with extensive experience in retail medical fitness and operational development.

As PWC Director, Good worked with the University of Virginia and Culpeper Hospital to develop the Culpeper Wellness Foundation (CWF), a 501C 3 Foundation, with the mission of improving health and promoting wellness in Culpeper, Madison, and Orange Counties in VA.  He works in collaboration with the CWF and PWC Medical Director to spearhead new medical programming in conjunction with other existing hospital departments (oncology, cardiovascular, and physical therapy) to promote the benefits of exercise and medication therapies.

Formerly, as Director of Augusta Health, Lifetime Fitness Center in Fishersville, VA, Eric led the launch of the hospital-based medical fitness wellness center, spearheaded a construction and expansion project, and developed and implemented integrated services and wellness programs from hospital disciplines, such as Cardiac Rehab, Physical Therapy, and Oncology Services.

Good has been a member of the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) since 1995. He has been a long-standing member of the Southeastern Hospital Health and Fitness Alliance (SEHFA) since its inception in 1996 and was Past President as well as lifetime board member of the Southeastern Regional Medical Fitness Association (SEMFA). In addition, he is Secretary/Treasurer of the Medical Fitness Association Foundation Board of Trustees and a member of the MFA Outcomes Committee.

Good has a bachelor of science degree in health and fitness from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and an associate degree in science, physical therapy assistant, cum laude from Jefferson College of Health Sciences in Roanoke, VA. He enjoys spending time with his family, including wife Becky and children Simon and Sydney, as well as two English bulldogs George and Henry. He enjoys antique cars, exercising and keeping fit, as well as living a preventative lifestyle.