Meet Hervey Lavoie

Hervey is a longtime supporter of Medical Fitness Association and President of OLC, an international Architecture, Aquatics and Interiors firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado with branch offices in Orlando, Florida; Cairo, Egypt; and Tokyo, Japan. He is a “hands-on” architect with a true passion for solving the complicated planning puzzles presented by most integrated medical fitness projects. Hervey was the first Industry Partner to earn his MFA Fellowship and currently serves on the Medical Fitness Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer.

When Hervey is on the job, expect active project involvement and collaborative spirit for design inspiration, client-centered creativity and 100% mission fulfillment. He has completed design assignments in 47 states and 11 countries and led the design of 50+ medically-integrated, fitness/wellness facilities since 1986.

Hervey has often been an MFA conference speaker and written extensively on the subject of sports and fitness design. His work has been published in various books, magazines and trade journals, including the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) Design Guidelines and the ACSM’s national medical fitness manual, as well as IHRSA Club Business International, Athletic Business and Club Industry magazines.

Hervey is a family man with a son, a daughter and a growing roster of grand children.  A Michigan native, he currently resides in Orlando, FL and works out of OLC’s Orlando office.  If not in the office, or airport, look for him walking the golf course at Bay Hill, stacking firewood in Colorado, or sipping wine on the deck in Orlando with his wife, Jennifer.