Meet Jennifer Hopper

Jennifer Hopper, FMFA, CMFFD currently serves as the Chair-Elect of the Medical Fitness Association Board of Directors. She is also one of the first Certified Medical Fitness Facility Directors under the new MFA Director Credential program. Jennifer has been very active in MFA for a number of years and has served in various roles on the Marketing, Ethics, Finanace, Nominating, Executive Committee, Foundation Board of Trustees and Conference Committees.

When she is not doing the work of MFA, she can be found performing her primary role as the Director of Employee Wellness, Work-life and Fitness for Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia. She has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry including research, program development and facility renovations/expansions. As a director, she oversees the standardization of the fitness service line for all entities within Piedmont Healthcare, including their four (4) Fitness Centers. This function provides strategic direction and has joint accountability for operations, budget and equipment management with local fitness leaders.

Relating to Wellness and Work-life, her role helps create, develop and execute strategic health promotion programs, lead wellness campaigns and serve as a coordinator with health coaches and other clinicians leading team meetings, campaigns, coordination of joint vendor/Piedmont working teams and formulation of employee wellness communication and program administration.

Jennifer is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Cancer Society, STAR Oncology Rehab, and the American Red Cross and is a Fellow of the Medical Fitness Association.

A native of Benwood, West Virginia, she received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from the School of Medicine at West Virginia University.

Jennifer enjoys spending time with family and friends and resides in Buford, GA with two fur babies, Cabo and Leo and her fiancé Hervey Lavoie.