Meet Lori Deemer

Lori Deemer serves as the as a board member on the Medical Fitness Association Board of Directors. When she’s not working with MFA, Lori can be found at Hancock Wellness Centers working as the Medical Director.

Lori is committed to furthering the medical fitness industry. Lori has helped lead her medical center to become MFA certified in 2006, and often encourages the local community of physicians to become part of the Medical Fitness Association. She has spoken at the MFA Annual Conference several times. In fact, Lori has served on the physician track task force for the annual conference for the past several years. In addition, Lori has also spoken at the MFA Annual Regional Conference.

When Lori is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. Lori leads an active lifestyle, including playing soccer, cycling, running races, taking Zumba classes, and hiking. She’s also an avid Colts fan.