Here’s your opportunity to GET INVOLVED! By serving on a committee, you can provide input and have impact on the work of the Medical Fitness Association! Take a look at the list of Committee descriptions below. Contact Jason Aslanian at with any questions or to express your interest in serving on an MFA Committee.

Working towards your MFA Fellowship? You can earn points by serving on an MFA Committee!

A summary of the program of work for each committee follows:

Certification: Reviews facility certification site visit reports and recommends proposals to the Board of Directors; Reviews and recommends new examiners. Evaluate new types of certifications such as individual medical fitness professional credential, or certification for university programs in medical fitness.

Conference: Provides oversight and planning for regional and national conferences and the Medical Fitness Institute.

Education: Reviews and vets all educational offerings of the association including member proposals for presentations for the Annual Conference, Medical Fitness Institute and Webinars.

Membership: Working with and through the State Captains and other committees to encourage the growth of the association by creating member value and actively encouraging member involvement.

Outcomes: Develop criteria for measuring and monitoring clinical outcomes as it relates to physician referred chronic disease programs. Implements and monitors our MFA Outcomes initiative.

Regional Chairs: Providing communication mechanisms with every member in every state through State Captains, promotion of regional events and a commitment to encouraging member engagement and involvement in the association. The are also the Chairs of their Regional Boards who are responsible for the Regional Conferences.

State Captains: The eyes and ears of the Medical Fitness Association in each state! State Captains are responsible for contacting each member in their state twice per year and organizing a state-wide networking event each year. In addition, the State Captains serve on the Regional Board.

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