MFA Task Forces

Here’s your opportunity to GET INVOLVED!

By serving on an MFA Task Force, you can team up with other MFA members to provide input and have impact on the work of the Medical Fitness Association!

MFA Task Forces are goal-specific and time-bound. There will be 3-7 people per Task Force, depending on the goal.

Would you like to serve on a future Task Force? Please use the online form below to sign up and let us know your areas of interest/expertise. As Task Forces are developed, we will contact you when the opportunity matches your interest/expertise.

We will post any open Task Forces with the objective(s) and time commitment on this page. Please check here to stay up-to-date on newly forming Task Forces.

Working towards your MFA Fellowship? You can earn points by serving on an MFA Task Force!

Questions? Please contact Mariann Murphy at

Would you like to serve on an MFA Task Force?

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