MFA Industry Partner, Club Automation, Launches New Medical Fitness Blog Series

Check out the new blog series from MFA Industry Partner, Club Automation! It’s a whole series dedicated to the medical fitness industry.

Their first in this series is entitled, Growing Your Medical Fitness Center – Click on the title to read the whole blog…here’s a sneak peek:

Growing Your Medical Fitness Center

It’s easy to fall into the comparison game and come out feeling frustrated. “The fitness club on the other side of town has an enormous exercise studio compared to ours.” “The gym down the street has a giant weightlifting floor compared to us.” These realizations are important, but they bypass the strength of your medical fitness facility. Sure, the gym down the road may have more equipment, but are their members healthier?

The challenge for medical fitness facilities is not proving your value on people’s long-term health, the numbers speak for themselves. People in your community trust medical establishments like yours as a reliable source of health and wellness.

The challenge is ensuring you have the right offerings that appeal to your community, get them in your doors, and keep them engaged for the long haul. Use this blog as a resource to kickstart new offerings at your medical fitness facility so you can become an even bigger part of improving the overall health of your community.

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