Webinar: The Misunderstanding of Exercise for those with Autism



Those with autism are often intentionally, or unintentionally, excluded from exercise programs. This is because most fitness professionals are not educated to successfully work with this community. With insightful training and evidence-based strategies, fitness professionals around the world are embracing this untapped opportunity. Exercise is life-changing not just for your new clients, but also their families. Working with this community will improve your income and will inspire you to help more with each successful outcome.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to explain the research that supports exercise for those with autism
2. Participants will understand the challenges those with autism face to achieving a physically active lifestyle
3. Participants will discover how evidence-based teaching strategies and training can lead to a plan of action for implementing exercise programs in their facilities

Speaker: David Geslak, Autism Exercise Specialist & President of the Exercise Connection