Webinar: Do you have an Exit Strategy: Setting up Your Practice/Business for Sale and Profit



Unfortunately, many healthcare business owners don’t even think about selling their company until they get late in the stage of ownership or a prospective buyer approaches them. Business owners should always focus on building a company that will be attractive to buyers from day one. Buyers look for key things that are considered fundamental but unfortunately many owners are lacking. This presentation will enlighten the attendee on optimal preparation for a successful sale.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define your “why”: why do you want to sell. Outline why sellers want to sell and why buyers want to buy.
  2. Identify and define the documents and process of selling a medical or fitness practice.
  3. What is your practice worth and what will someone pay? Navigate the financial opportunities, obstacles and strategies.

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Black, CEO/Owner of the RockyMountain Human Performance Center

Stephen A. Black is the CEO and owner of RockyMountain Human Performance Center with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Fort Myers, Florida. Stephen has 45+ years’ experience in the health and wellness industry. He has traveled the globe promoting healthy lifestyles and providing expert insight and research in areas related to rehabilitation, fitness and sports specific training. He has worked with professional teams including NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBA and ABL/NBL affiliates. As a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Stephen utilizes his expertise and experience to the benefit of his clients. Currently Stephen oversees clinical and research operations at RMHPC, an exercise testing and prescription facility. RMHPC provides individualized programs for athletes, weekend warriors, and post-rehab. clients. In addition to his above-mentioned responsibilities, Stephen is a much sought after and respected lecturer, author and consultant to the health and wellness industry. He serves as an advisor to several organizations and non-profit entities. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys recreational activities such as running, cycling, swimming, skiing and experiential activities that lead to a balanced/integrated lifestyle. He has completed multiple endurance events including the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI. Stephen’s passion is in assisting others achieve the lifestyle they aspire to.