Webinar: ACT: the CBT Alternative for Lasting Health Behavior Change


Webinar Summary

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) is derived from clinical psychology practice as a mindfulness-based behavioral intervention. ACT differs from the traditional Cognitive Behavior (CBT) approach by focusing on critical skills of psychological flexibility (acceptance, defusion, present moment awareness, self as context, values, and committed action). Research suggests that ACT is alternative and highly efficacious modality compared to CBT.

Learning Objectives

  1. To compare and contrast common psychological frameworks for coaching health behavior change.
  2. Introduce Acceptance & Commitment Training as a viable framework for allied health professionals to use in coaching health behavior change.
  3. Provide an easily implementable toolkit for allied health professionals to implement ACT into their clinical practice.


Michael Stack, CEO of Applied Fitness Solutions & Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan