Webinar: Corporate Wellness – Best Practices and Current Trends



In this webinar, we will review the current best practices in selling corporate wellness to different levels of leadership within an organization. We will do this by reviewing priorities at the C-suite level, HR and mid-level managers and discuss strategies to present a value proposition that is of interest to all level leaders. We will also review the current trends in corporate wellness and the opportunity within these for medical wellness leaders to partner and support.


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify best practices in partnering with the various stakeholders in corporate wellness
  2. Identify the current trends in corporate wellness
  3. To review solutions that you may provide as a wellness partner to employers to meet them where they are, ease their pain points and create impact in the health of the organization and its population.



Debbie Bellenger, Founder/CEO of DB Fitness & Wellness Solutions, LLC

Lisa Simmons, Corporate Wellness, Fitness Consultant and Group Fitness Trainer at One More Rep, LLC