Webinar: Introduction to Equipment Service and Maintenance


This webinar is an informative session that starts out with the simple cleaning and preventative maintenance procedures and then moves into how you can identify potential issues during that process. It culminates in simple repairs, that can be done without the need for a technician, and how to report larger issues in a way that minimizes equipment down time.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Basic preventative maintenance and cleaning best practices to prolong equipment life
  2. Correctly identifying equipment issues
  3. Simple repairs that can be done, that won’t require a technician

Speaker: Daniel Schwartz, Sr. Customer Success Advocate at Life Fitness

Daniel Schwartz has been with Life Fitness for six years, and has been in the fitness industry for 18 years. He started working as a personal trainer while getting his degree in Exercise Science. He worked as a trainer and sports performance coach. After 10 years as a trainer, he moved into corporate wellness, designing programs and consulting.