Webinar: The Chemistry of Resilience


Nearly every person has felt themselves struggling with anxiety, exhaustion & overwhelm while navigating areas of their health, wondering if they can truly be successful in their health goals when expected and unexpected challenges. There is a resilience framework that people are not currently accessing that can be the difference in creating ambitious health results or drowning in the same health problem. In this presentation, wellness expert and 2x All-American, Jennifer Watson, MPT, teaches the chemistry of healthy resilience and how mastering it is the key to a life of optimal health and attaining accelerated + sustainable results.

During this presentation, the attendee will come to understand what their current relationship with challenges is and how to create one that champions their success. They will learn a framework that optimizes the chemistry of the mind- body, its influence on increasing the capacity + capability of resilience and ultimately the mental agility, confidence, and compliance needed for the health goals they seek. Finally, they will learn how this framework allows accelerated performance in all aspects of life while staying in optimal health, no matter the adversity.

Learning Objectives

  1. How a fitness professional can help their client sustain a higher-level of resilience that accelerates the success of all health goals and ultimate performance in all aspects of life, through adversity.
  2. How a fitness professional can influence the capacity + capability of resilience of their client through engaging the chemistry of Mind-Body Wellness that will increase mental agility, confidence, and compliance to their healthy goals during challenges.
  3. A clear understanding of the client’s current relationship to challenges and shift into one that champions their health & life success.


Jennifer Watson, Speaker/Performance Coach/Practitioner at Watson World Wide, LLC/Jennifer Watson Leadership

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., is a healer, high-performance coach & breakthrough speaker on a mission to help leaders heal and accelerate their deeper purpose of impact through shifting their mental-emotional state, optimizing their leadership-genius and accelerating their performance no matter the environment. As a former D1 track athlete and 2x All-American, Jennifer, founder of Watson World Wide, overcame years of debilitating depression to become an integrative physical therapist, business leader, 2x TEDx speaker and now an international speaker & coach.

Jennifer’s ultimate goal in life is to be known for the healing she gave, the love she showed and the hope she inspired to all that they can truly live their highest potential life. In her spare time she loves to dance, run, play tennis, read and hang-out with her amazing friends, family and 9 beautiful nieces and nephews.