Webinar: The Behavior Required for BEING Healthy



Our state of being is established mainly based on the thoughts, emotions and actions we practice daily. We face 2 big challenges, first we want what we want and we want it now and second, we want to control how we become healthy. We focus more on the results by a specific time than on the true journey required to be healthy, this makes the whole process miserable and our brain doesn’t like that. Being healthy isn’t going anywhere!

This interactive presentation clarifies the true behavioral changes required to build a healthy lifestyle that sticks. The audience will walk away understanding the 3 key patterns people need to focus on to truly change their health into a state of being. By leading with a brain forward focus, seeking the pleasure within the habits and navigating the changing body signals for what they really are, transformation becomes inevitable.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover how to produce lasting behavior change by training your mind to train your body
  2. Learn to decode your body signals to minimize the challenge that accompanies true change
  3. Connect your 2 power sources, mind and body, to create a foundation of change that can be used in any arena of your life.

Speaker: Laura Weiner-Kiser – Health & Life Coach and Founder of Change By Challenge

Laura Weiner-Kiser works as a speaker, certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and certified health and life coach. For the last decade, her mission has been to help people build a bridge from where they are to where they want to be. Today’s culture leaves people seeking worthiness from our external world. Laura simplifies neuroplasticity to make it a usable tool for anyone who is ready to heal the unhealthy relationships they have in their life. Whether that be to food, movement, communication, time, or themselves. Wherever Laura goes her passion radiates, whether that be with her personal clients or from the stage. She empowers people to find their inner power in order to become the best version of themselves. Laura helps them heal the relationship they have with themselves and their bodies. She does so by helping clients deepen their understanding around how food, exercise and emotions work together to create their health.