Webinar: Collaborative Strategies for Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Workplace



As wellness professionals, we know the tremendous amount of work needed to shift the trajectory of health in the individuals that come to us, but do we stop there? In this webinar we will focus on an often-missed opportunity for collaboration between medical fitness centers, fitness professionals, health experts, etc. and businesses to promote workplace wellness and extend your expertise, impact and influence. We will discuss some current data, problems we see and how you can be the solution. As a participant, you will learn about ways to expand your reach beyond the traditional four walls, understand some benefits to partnering with businesses on wellness initiatives, and explore a simple framework for how to get started.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will understand the benefits of collaboration with businesses in promoting workplace wellness.
2. Participants will gain insight into strategies for potential partnerships with businesses to incorporate well-being in the workplace.
3. Participants will develop a basic framework around where to begin/how to get started. Understand some practical “how to” steps.


April Griffith, Founder & CEO of Kingdom Power Living LLC
April Griffith is an international speaker, award-winning author, mindset strategist, wellness consultant and investor who’s worked in Higher Education and Corporate America at one of the world’s largest financial institutions before transitioning to wellness. She’s the creator of several programs and challenges like the Kingdom Woman 10 Pound Takedown, 30 Day Biggest Winner Weight Loss Contest, and Detoxing You. Her mission is to create healthy individuals, organizations and communities one body at a time. April holds a Bachelors in Broadcast Communication, a Masters in Marketing Communication as well as Coaching Certifications in Group Fitness and Hormones, Nutrition and Metabolism.