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Fully Integrated: Beacon Health and Fitness

Check out the February 2020 edition of Club Solutions Magazine for the cover article about MFA member Beacon Health & Fitness. According to the article, “Medical fitness is profoundly changing the relationship between fitness and healthcare.” Read about how Alan Loyd, FACHE, FMFA, has transformed Beacon Health System’s fitness facilities from a loss leader to a profitable, self-sustaining operation.

Note: Alan Loyd was the 2019 recipient of the Hank Boerner Pioneer Award…now you can see why!

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Webinar: Membership Sales vs Net Membership Growth

Webinar Summary

In this session, you and your staff team will be presented a quantifiable model for building strong net membership growth. The model includes new membership and retention strategies created at the point of sale, including powerful new member programming integration. The “old school” focus of new membership sales and retention as separate entities will no longer be sufficient in today’s evolving marketplace.

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrating how to increase net membership growth. While the medical fitness service line will never be a major revenue generator for hospitals and health care systems, creating dynamic bottom-line growth still matters.
  2. Helping medical fitness center leadership clearly understand how every department plays a major role in net membership growth.
  3. Demonstrating how clearly established bench mark performance expectations for all staff, when tracked for ongoing training creates a team dynamic geared for real success.


Geoff Hampton, VP of Business Development at Active Entities Consulting


Webinar: Medical Wellness & Clinical Conversions

Webinar Summary

What is the medical fitness difference as it relates to the relationship with the local hospital or health system? Is your fitness center truly capitalizing on its relationship with your hospital? What should your numbers look like? What goals should be set to achieve in regard to Clinical Integration? We will breakdown the programs and systems that should be in place to properly integrate with your hospital.

Learning Objectives

  1. What are the benefits of a medical wellness center to a health system?
  2. Why Should a Health System pursue population health through fitness and wellness?
  3. Proven programs that have shown to have a direct link to improving the care and outcomes of patients.


Ryan Barr, Assistant Vice President at Healthplex® Associates and General Manager at Singing River Healthplex
Don Doyle, Senior Vice President, Center Operations at Healthplex Associates