Webinar: Wellness Without Walls – Break Out into the Community


Now that the pandemic is slowing down and it is clear that a hybrid model will remain in our industry it is imperative that we are able to deliver our services both in the center, outside of the center and into individuals’ homes. We need to meet consumers where they are and our services do not need to start with exercise. Explore new topics to engage new members and retain current members.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn strategies to take your services out into the community to bring more members into your center.
  2. Learn why using the skills of our current team members to support a hybrid model can be a win-win to keep members engaged in your center whether it be to return, remain and/or solicit new members to join your center. Example, encourage Personal Trainers to teach members how to workout at home on their own, how to set up a home gym (do a webinar and charge for this) etc.
  3. Learn how to leverage your expertise to become the lifestyle education session both within your center but also out in the community to increase market share.

Speaker: Debbie Bellenger, Founder of Body By Definition

Debbie Bellenger is a health and wellness consultant who specializes in health and wellness programming customized to particular populations. She has 23+ years’ experience in two hospital systems in SC and NC developing medical wellness programs and customized corporate wellness programs for local employers in the region. Within this work, Debbie has worked extensively with C Suite members, brokers, insurance groups and large populations to improve health over time with programming that met clients where they were and attained measurable outcomes that demonstrated ROI. Debbie currently is working full time for her own company providing consulting, coaching and educational/transformational workshops and courses to fit pros, club operators, brokers, and consumers.