Webinar: Adapting Programming in the New Landscape of Anti-Obesity Medications: Biological, Behavioral, & Business Considerations – Part 2



Webinar – Part 2 of 2: This webinar will expand on the content of webinar 1 and dive into deeper considerations for fitness programming for clients taking anti-obesity medications from both a biological and behavioral standpoint. Key considerations from providers and patients will be discussed to help frame programmatic and business frameworks. Additional discussions will include building inclusive environments, reducing stigma and weight bias, and developing client-centered instead of method-centered programming for obesity treatment.

Learning Objectives

  1. To understand contemporary approaches for inclusion of, and effectiveness of, physical activity within the context of contemporary anti-obesity medications.
  2. To understand how lifestyle interventions, specifically physical activity may need to be adapted and tailored, from the perspective of the provider and the patient (biologically, behavioral), within the context of contemporary anti-obesity medications.
  3. Highlight the need for building inclusive and collaborative spaces for patients/clients taking anti-obesity medications and key considerations for avoiding method-centered frameworks and moving to client-centered obesity care.


Dr. Renee Rogers, Senior Scientist at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Consultant & Strategist at IDEAL Consulting