Webinar: The Pre/Postnatal Screening & Consultation: Improve Your Assessment to Improve Your Programming



During and after pregnancy, moms are looking for expert guidance and, we as professionals they trust, have a huge responsibility in helping them go from the point of knowing what the physical activity recommendations are to actually putting them into practice. Less than 25% of moms-to-be meet the physical activity guidelines during pregnancy, and new moms are at a high risk of continued reduction in physical activity during the postpartum period. There are many reasons why pregnant and postpartum moms are inactive, and the assessment is our tool to identify those barriers and design an exercise program that takes those factors into account. By improving our screenings and consultations we can help more moms stay active through all 40 weeks of pregnancy and return to exercise after having a baby.

Learning Objectives

  1. Use the assessment to identify prenatal/postpartum conditions and concerns that will impact exercise programming.
  2. Recognize and validate “mom barriers” to exercise by asking the right questions during a consultation.
  3. Discuss what movements might be the most helpful to assess before designing an exercise program.


Ashley Reid, Exercise Physiologist, Pre/Postnatal Wellness Practitioner & Owner of Active Mom Fitness
Ashley Reid is the Owner of Active Mom Fitness, Philadelphia’s only strength-based private and small group training studio for moms and moms-to-be. Ashley has developed an approach to prenatal and postpartum strength and core training that has helped hundreds of moms stay active through pregnancy, safely return to exercise after having a baby, and meet all of the physical demands of motherhood. Ashley is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Advanced Pre/Postnatal Wellness Practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. In addition to working with clients, Ashley is authoring an exercise guide for moms, and provides continuing education training to professionals. Being a mom herself, Ashley is thankful that exercise is a tool that allows her to be active right alongside her daughter.