Webinar: Move to Improve: The Role of Immune Health and Lifestyle on Reconditioning


Amidst the COVID era, an ever-increasing number of individuals, both young and old, are becoming more deconditioned due to sedentary lifestyle, illness and immobility. It is important for fitness professionals to understand the essential elements of immunity and the impact exercise and lifestyle play in reconditioning and immune health. By the end of the session, the fitness professional will be able to safely and effectively develop a comprehensive exercise and lifestyle program designed for reconditioning.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what the immune system consists of and how it can be affected by lifestyle factors.
  2. Define deconditioning syndrome and how exercise is beneficial in reconditioning and immune health.
  3. Prescribe a comprehensive exercise program designed for reconditioning.


Sheryl Brown, PT, MSPT – Programs Director at Cooper Wellness Strategies
Sheryl, a licensed physical therapist, is a strategic healthcare operations executive with a demonstrated passion in patient care delivery and operational and strategic leadership. Sheryl obtained her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Texas Woman’s University and has 20 years’ experience treating patients in all settings. Her 18 years of leadership expertise entails the development and implementation of clinical and wellness programs within hospital-based rehabilitation service lines and the medical fitness center industry to provide continuum of care options for individuals across their lifespan. Through evidence-based practice, her life’s focus has been to improve the health and well-being of the clients, patients and teams she serves. Sheryl’s specialties include strategic planning, program development, aligning teams to promote improved quality and growth, and educating teams to implement evidence based practice in designing exercise and lifestyle management programs for special populations.

In her current role, Sheryl is the Programs Director of Cooper Wellness Strategies, A Cooper Aerobics Company. Cooper Wellness Strategies specializes in population health and wellness through collaboration with organizations across the United States to deliver innovative, customized strategies to drive engagement and create lasting healthy change. Built on 25 years of expertise, Cooper Wellness Strategies provides a full range of consulting, management, and individualized programming services to hospitals and health systems, corporations, residential communities, commercial fitness centers, actively aging communities, and educational institutions.

This webinar is sponsored by MFA Industry Partner, Cooper Wellness Strategies.