Medical Fitness Facility and Professionals of the Year Awards

Eligibility Guidelines & Requirements

These awards celebrate and honor the best and the brightest. Awards, in a variety of categories, identify those facilities, programs, individuals and best practice partners that are deserving of recognition for their achievements and contribution to the medical fitness industry within the past year.

For our annual awards, we ask that all candidates must be nominated by others. We are asking you to think about people in the industry who are making an impact and take a moment to recognize them. You don’t need to know the specifics of the candidate.

Please note that each nominee must be a member of the Medical Fitness Association for at least one year prior to nomination and must be a current member of the Medical Fitness Association. More information on award criteria may be found by clicking on the links under “Award Categories” below.

Simply provide the person’s name, certified facility name, program or best practice partner with a brief description of why and we will handle the rest!

Award nominations for 2023 are open through August 31, 2023.

Awards are presented each year during the Annual International Conference Awards Ceremonies. We invite all winners to be present during this time.

Award Categories

Winners do not need to be present at the MFA Annual Conference.

In addition, the Medical Fitness Association will recognize the recipients through website content, email campaigns and social media.

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