Certified Facility of the Year Award

The Certified Facility of the Year Award is presented to a MFA certified medical fitness facility that clearly serves as a benchmark for the industry and whose results others can emulate.

The nominee should:

  • Be a Medical Fitness Association certified facility
  • Be recognized as an exceptional facility
  • Contribute significantly and consistently to the advancement and/or recognition of the medical fitness industry
  • Share openly their expertise with other facilities
  • Serve as a role model for other facilities

Any member of Medical Fitness Association may nominate another MFA certified facility for the award. Facilities will be evaluated based upon membership statistics such as attrition rate, financial results (operating margins; ROE), clinical services integration, unique programs, participation in facility certification and community benefit. Previous Award winners may be considered for award nominations after five years from receiving their award.

Please email your nominations for Certified Facility of the Year to: Mariann Murphy, Director of Marketing, at mariann.murphy@medicalfitness.org.

Please include:

  • The name of the Certified Facility you are nominating
  • The reason you feel this Certified Facility should be awarded the Certified Facility of the Year