Mentor Program

A Medical Fitness Association Mentor is a MFA member, who is interested in sharing their knowledge and resources to be of assistance to new MFA members. This mentor will be selected by the Membership Committee based on their demonstrated understanding of the Medical Fitness difference through experience and involvement in a variety of Medical Fitness activities and programs.

Mentor Eligibility

A MFA mentor needs to meet the following MFA Mentor Program criteria:

  • Actively involved in the MFA for at least 3 years. Active involvement may include, but is not limited to:
    • Participation on committees or boards
    • Attending, presenting or hosting conferences or meetings
    • Fellowship status or is working toward Fellowship status
    • MFA Director Certification credential
    • Alignment with a MFA certified facility and involved with helping that facility to reach or maintain that status

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Contact the mentee no less than once per month for the first year and subsequently as the two parties agree
  • Remind the mentee of upcoming events, programs and opportunities for engagement
  • Encourage active participation in the Medical Fitness Association through committees, fellowship, conferences, webinars, certifications, etc.
  • Encourage participation in MFA surveys, such as benchmarking efforts, salary surveys, facility/program questionnaires; outcome studies and other research opportunities to set national indicators.
  • Encourage the mentee to use the MFA website as a tool for networking, learning about our Industry Partners and reaching out to peers
  • Share the benefits of being a MFA member and certified facility and encourage the mentee facility to go through the MFA facility certification process
  • If possible, set up mentee/mentor facility tours to evaluate operations, programs and services; link department managers/supervisors together; to share insights; and to brainstorm
  • Help form relationships with other medical fitness facilities
  • Encourage participation in advocacy efforts
  • Encourage mentees to bring other new members to the table

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