Medical Fitness Fellowship

The Medical Fitness Association “Fellow” designation honors members who have demonstrated exceptional service to the Medical Fitness Association, medical fitness industry and to their local community.

Fellowship provides a means to recognize excellence, innovation and significant contributions to the medical fitness industry, and leadership in the Medical Fitness Association.

The Medical Fitness Association Fellowship is not just another membership category.  It is reserved for current members who are physicians, scientists and healthcare/wellness/fitness professionals with a demonstrated interest in medical fitness whose documented accomplishments support the stated objectives of the Medical Fitness Association.

“As I began to move over to the Marketing Department for Healthplex Associates, I was asked to become more involved with MFA.  This was a challenge for me as my background was not fitness, but accounting and business.  I am always up for a challenge so I tackled this the only way I knew how which was to get involved with the organization.  I started attending the annual meetings to better understand the mission of the organization and to meet people involved within the organization.

Leadership at MFA were so welcoming.  I expressed interest in working on committees and low and behold, I found myself co-chairing the Outcomes Committee.  I stayed with the Committee for two years and have since moved on to chair the Membership Committee.  I also starting attending my Regional Conferences (SEMFA) which proved to be tons of fun and I found this was a really good way to network with other members.  I love my chapter as it feels like one big happy family.  Because they welcomed me with open arms, I accepted the position of secretary and am now the vice-chair.

MFA has allowed me to be a speaker at the Annual Conference, my Regional Conference and the Medical Fitness Institute.  I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for our industry with other members.  I encourage all MFA members to become involved.  This has been a very rewarding experience and I am humble to have been accepted as a Fellow of MFA.”

Lynn Robbins, CPA, FMFA
Executive Vice President
Healthplex Associates, Inc.

Benefits include:

  • Organizational voting privileges
  • Eligibility for Medical Fitness Association Board of Directors nominations
  • Opportunity to attend special Fellow social and educational events
  • Approval to use the initials FMFA (Fellow Medical Fitness Association)
  • Certificate indicating designation of Fellowship

Over the years, each and every member has earned points by attending events, volunteering to speak, participating on committees, and more.

Download the Fellow Checklist to see how many points you have earned!

Important Notes Regarding the Application & Submission

The annual deadline for submitting your Fellowship application is August 31st.

Please read in full:

  • There is a $50 non-refundable application fee that is due upon receipt of your application.  Applications will not be considered without this fee.
  • All applications, supplemental documents and Fellow Recommendation Forms must be typed.  Applications, supplemental documents and Recommendation Forms that are not typed will not be considered.
  • Please download the Application and fill it out as completely as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to gather and submit all supporting documents (Manuscript publication, article publication, reviewer for peer reviewed journal, etc.).
    Please note: there is now an online form located at the bottom of this page.
  • Forms may be submitted electronically. Please send as .pdf documents.

General Instructions for Applying:

  • Please take a moment and download the Application, Fellow Checklist and the Fellow Recommendation Form. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact Fellows from the list below for a recommendation.
  • Compile all supplemental documents and fill out the Application electronically wherever there is “Click here to enter text”.
  • Once all documentation is complete, please send to the Medical Fitness Association office via email or mail to Mariann Murphy at – Attention: Fellow Review Committee
    Mail: Medical Fitness Association
    Attention Fellow Review Committee
    PO Box 3602
    Pinehurst, NC 28374
  • The $50 Application fee must be submitted in conjunction with your application: Download the Fellowship Application Payment Form.
    To pay by check, please mail it to: Medical Fitness Association, PO Box 3602, Pinehurst, NC 28374
    To pay by credit card, please call the Medical Fitness Association office at 910-420-8610.

You do not need to submit the Fellow Checklist. This is for your own records.

    Fellowship Application

    Application fee is $50.

    Applicant Name *

    Email Address *

    Year Joined Medical Fitness Association *

    Medical Fitness Association Annual Conferences attended in the last 10 years (Please list years and locations) *

    List two (2) MFA Fellows who will submit recommendations on your behalf *

    Education (Please list your institutions including the institution name, your degree, and date awarded; also, please list most recent degree first) *

    List Current Certifications, Special Certificates, etc. (Please include certificate name, date issued, and expiration dates)

    Professional Experience (Please include the company, job title, and dates of employment; list the last 10 years - list most recent position first) *

    MFA Fellowship Service Points

    Active Medical Fitness Association Member (1 point for each year of active membership)

    Completed full term of service on a MFA Committee, Task Force, or special project (4 points per term of service)

    Attendance at MFA Annual Conference (4 points per year)

    Speaker at MFA Annual Conference (4 points per presentation)

    Conference Assistance Program (CAP) at the Annual Conference (2 points per year)

    Attendance at the Medical Fitness Leadership Institute (4 points per year)

    Speaker at Medical Fitness Leadership Institute (4 points per session)

    Host Medical Fitness Leadership Institute (10 points)

    Attendance at a MFA Regional Conference or Medical Fitness Summit (4 points per event)

    Speaker at MFA Regional Conference or Medical Fitness Summit (4 points per presentation)

    Host MFA Regional Conference or Medical Fitness Summit (10 points)

    Speaker for MFA Webinar (4 points per presentation)

    Host MFA State Networking Event (5 points)

    MFA Facility Certification Lead Examiner (4 points per on-site exam)

    MFA Facility Certification Second Examiner (2 points per on-site exam)

    Hold an accredited fitness certification (2 points per current certification)

    Earn the MFA Fitness Facility Certification (5 points)

    Earn the MFA Medical Fitness Facility Director Certification (CMFFD) (10 points)

    MFA Individual Award Winner (not facility) (5 points per award)

    Master Degree (5 points)

    Terminal Degree (Ph.D.; MD; DO; etc. (5 points)

    Regional Chair Person (3 points per year of service)

    State Captain (2 points per year of service)

    Member of an MFA Student Chapter at a University or faculty advisor for a Student Chapter (5 points)

    Manuscript publication in a peer-reviewed journal (5 points per published paper)

    Publish an article (first author) related to the Medical Fitness Industry in a lay publication of national or international scope (1 point per article)

    Write a chapter (first author) on a topic area related to Medicine/Medical Fitness in a published book/podcast (2 points per chapter)

    Serve as a reviewer for a peer reviewed journal or book focused on topics related to Medical Fitness/Exercise Science/Medicine (1 point per year)

    Serve on a board, committee, or task force of an organization [not MFA] whose mission/focus is related to the Medical Fitness Industry (1 point per year)

    Present a lay lecture on a topic related to Medical Fitness (2 points per lecture)

    Publish an article in a local publication related to Medical Fitness (2 points per article)

    Leadership role in a local service organization [Rotary, Lion's Club, etc.] (1 point per year)

    Leadership role in a local community service campaign [United Way, Hospice, etc.] (1 point per year)

    Grand Total Points (MFA Service Points) *

    Please answer the following question:
    If advanced to Medical fitness Association Fellow Status, how will you exhibit your commitment to the goals and long range objectives of the organization (e.g., on which committees are you willing to serve, what service can you provide to your regional chapter, in what other capacity do you envision continuing to serve the association)? Please be as specific as possible. *

    Application fee is $50.