About Us

The Medical Fitness Association

The Medical Fitness Association, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1991 to assist medically integrated health and fitness centers achieve their full potential. The Association is a professional membership organization whose mission is to ascertain and respond to the needs of medically integrated centers throughout the world. As a resource to the medical fitness industry, Medical Fitness Association is 100% focused on medical fitness, and is the first association to have focused on hospital fitness and wellness. Medical fitness is our #1 mission—and our ONLY mission.

Mission Statement

The Medical Fitness Association is a member-driven, non-profit organization. Our mission is to foster opportunities for the development and operational success of medically integrated fitness centers. Medical Fitness Association provides industry standards, educational programs, benchmarks, outcome measurements, professional development and networking opportunities for the medical fitness industry.

Vision Statement

To lead a global network of medically integrated centers and programs in the pursuit of well-being.

Medical Fitness

Medically integrated health and fitness centers are defining the future of professionally administered programs and services to an aging population, and are improving outcomes for clients/patients with chronic diseases and multiple risk factors. These centers have proven they can provide a continuum of care, fulfill the mission of their sponsoring institution, and be financially viable in a variety of communities. The pioneers in the medical fitness industry believe the future of hospitals and other wellness/fitness organizations is in improving the health status of the communities they serve. Preventing disease is the key to creating a sustainable healthcare system in the future.

Notable growth and success throughout the medical fitness industry is becoming more prevalent each year. Based on information obtained through industry surveys and other sources, the number of medical fitness centers has grown from 79 centers in 1985 to 1,400 in 2018.

Benchmarks for Success

Medical Fitness Association membership gives you access to in-depth research on the latest industry trends. We report on programs, practices, operations and more. What works. What doesn’t. By sharing vital data, we help members formulate standards and protocols that foster excellence and optimize success.

Professional Development

Medical Fitness Association-sponsored conferences, seminars and educational programs provide exceptional learning and networking opportunities. The goal? Expand the knowledge base of all involved-hospital executives, physicians and medical fitness center professionals alike-and help our members improve the overall health of the communities they serve.

Promoting the Difference

As a medically integrated health and fitness center, the services you offer your community are exceptional and unique. And it’s important that the public understands the added value your facility offers over other health clubs. Your active membership in Medical Fitness Association helps identify your organization as a leader in proactive health care.

Medical Fitness Facility Certification

With our health care system continuing to be stressed and the incidence of disease on the rise, the need for more medically supervised, outcomes and accountability based delivered fitness was never more relevant in our industry than today. The certification earned shows the seal of approval that a facility meets the highest industry standards.

Increasing Public Awareness

Medical Fitness Association has made it a top priority: increase public awareness of the benefits of medical fitness. By cultivating media relationships, providing source materials for articles, features and news stories, and distributing press releases, the Association is carrying the message–one that resonates loud and clear with your target prospects.

Grow With Us

The Medical Fitness Association informs, promotes, provides exceptional networking and educational opportunities, serves as an effective advocate, and defines industry-wide standards of professional excellence.

We are a Non-Profit Organization

The mission of the Medical Fitness Foundation is to support the growth of the medically-based fitness industry by providing scholarships to advance the careers of medical fitness staff and the success of their medically-integrated fitness facility. Your support of the Medical Fitness Foundation is an investment in the future of your industry.