About Us

The Medical Fitness Association

The Medical Fitness Association, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1991 to assist medically integrated health and fitness centers achieve their full potential.


Our Purpose: Unify

To advance knowledge, networking, and influence of the medical fitness industry.


Our Mission: Build Success

The Medical Fitness Association is a non-profit professional membership organization providing industry standards, educational programs, certification opportunities, benchmark data, professional development, and networking opportunities for improving operational success and healthcare integration.


Our Vision: Make a Difference

To be the leading force in the healthcare and fitness industries dedicated to inspiring and empowering those who seek to deliver the medical fitness model through holistic wellness solutions.


Our Core Values: Practice What We Preach

  • Excellence: We focus on quality and efficiency to produce exceptional results.
  • Collaboration: We build partnerships that align fitness and healthcare to accomplish more together.
  • Integrity: We act ethically with respect, honesty, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Personal Wellness: We engage in and promote healthy behaviors, keeping work, family, and personal care in balance.


Definition of a Medical Fitness Center

A medical fitness center is a medically integrated facility that promotes healthy lifestyle choices as it focuses on the prevention and treatment of lifestyle related disease, illness, and injury via participation in physical activity, nutrition, chronic disease management programming, and health and wellness education.

Components of the Medical Fitness Model

  1. Medical oversight & integration
  2. Quality management & outcomes focus
  3. Pre-participation screening
  4. Safety, risk management, and emergency preparedness
  5. Clinical programs & services
  6. Professional staffing
  7. Cleanliness
  8. Individualized approach & customer service
  9. Socialization

History of Medical Fitness Association

  • 1991: founded as the Association for Hospital Health and Fitness by John Greene
  • 1991: first Annual Conference was held
  • 1994: changed name to Medical Fitness Association
  • 1998: the first Board of Directors formed with Laura Neiberg as chairman
  • 2000: assets were purchased by Board of Directors, and MFA became a 501(c)(6) organization
  • 2006: the first edition of Facility Standards & Guidelines was published
  • 2008: the Medical Fitness Foundation was created
  • 2008: launched the Facility Certification program
  • 2009: first Medical Fitness Institute was held on the campus of Vanderbilt University
  • 2013: the second edition of the Facility Standards & Guidelines was published
  • 2016: developed the Medical Fitness Facility Director Certification program
  • 2021: overhauled the Facility Certification program to incorporate a digital streamlined process
  • 2021: dissolved standing committees in favor of task forces and advisory panels
  • 2022: first Medical Fitness Summit was held in Georgia
  • 2022: the third edition of the Facility Standards & Guidelines was published