Don’t miss your chance to share your expertise and knowledge with the rest of the medical fitness industry as a presenter at Medical Fitness Association’s upcoming events.  The only authentic organization dedicated to the medical fitness difference, the Medical Fitness Association delivers superlative, relevant education and training through multiple channels. We welcome presenters for our Educational Webinars, Medical Fitness Summits and our Annual Conference.

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We are always seeking insightful, top-quality subject matter to present at our events!  If you are interested in sharing your expertise and knowledge and contributing to the growth and development of the medical fitness industry, we welcome your presentation proposal.

Need some help developing your presentation proposal? Check out this MFA webinar!

Potential speakers, please note the following:

  • We are unable to offer speaker honorariums or cover travel expenses.
  • You do not have to be a current member, or an Industry Partner, to submit proposals, though preference is given to members of MFA.
  • Presentations are typically 50 minutes (live events) to 1 hour (webinars) in length. Please include time for the introduction and Q&A.
  • By submitting your proposal to MFA, you grant us limited rights to publish the content of your presentation (most often your PowerPoint slide deck) and/or the video of your presentation, if one is made, on the member-only section of our website regardless of whether the video is made at a face-to-face conference, or by webinar.

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