2019 Medical Fitness Week Photo Contest Winner
MCC Lakeshore

Medical Fitness Week

Register for the 2020 Medical Fitness Week: September 14-20!

Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns of fitness facilities across the country, we have moved Medical Fitness Week to September 14-20. We are hopeful that we will be in a better place by then to fully enjoy this fun event.

2019 Results

The 2019 Walking 10K Winners

Total Number of Steps

Culpeper Wellness Foundation | Powell Wellness Center: 63,918,822

Average Number of Steps:

UNC Wellness Centers – Northwest Cary: 88,050

The 2019 MOVE150 Winners

Total Number of Moves:

Swedish Covenant – Galter Life: 129,537

 Average Moves in Minutes:

Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center Peninsula: 429.6


The MOVE150 program focuses on getting participants moving, regardless of their abilities. The purpose of this program would allow participants to reach 150 minutes of activity throughout the Medical Fitness Week, utilizing a variety of programs/offerings in your center. This program is perfect for facilities that wish to offer a cost effective program during the week. Complimentary marketing materials will be provided.

Event hash tag: #MFWMove150

Click here to download the 2020 MOVE150 marketing materials.


The WALK10K is our walking challenge that we have had tremendous success with over the years. New marketing materials will be available along with a guide that offers some tips and best practices guaranteed to make this event a success for your members and your community! The program does utilize wearables and/or pedometers. While the MFA does not supply these items, pedometers can generally be found at reasonable prices from many suppliers.

Event hash tag: #MFWwalk10K

Click here to download the 2020 WALK10k marketing materials.

Photo Contest

Your facility could win a FREE Annual Conference ticket by entering your photos during Medical Fitness Week. Email your photos to Mariann Murphy, Director of Marketing using the link below.

Our lucky 2019 winner is MCC Lakeshore. Congratulations!

Check out the winning photo at the top of this page.