MFA Director Certification

MFA recognizes that in order to gain the trust of the medical community to refer patients to facilities, the bar must be raised in the fitness industry. To that end, the MFA has created two certifications for facility managers and directors – The Certified Fitness Facility Director and the Certified Medical Fitness Facility Director credentials. MFA wants to help produce the next generation of fitness leaders raising the bar for an entire industry.

For over 25 years, the Medical Fitness Association has provided fitness leaders with educational resources, networking opportunities and facility certifications. These two new professional credential examinations (pending NCAA accreditation) are being offered at each Regional Conference, at the Medical Fitness Institute, and the Annual International Conference.

MFA Facility Certification

The Association’s Medical Fitness Facility Certification gives you the mark of excellence to let your community know you meet the highest standards. More and more people are looking for safe and effective health and fitness programs at facilities they know they can trust.

Get Certified and you’ll be the one they turn to, and the one physician’s can trust for patient referrals.

Interested in becoming a Medical Fitness Association Facility Examiner?

The Medical Fitness Facility Certification is the highest standard for facilities in the industry.  As the number of facilities requesting certification continues to increase, we need more qualified examiners to perform facility site visits and examinations.