Hank Boerner Pioneer Award

The Hank Boerner Pioneer Award is presented to an individual who has significantly advanced the medical fitness industry. Submit names for consideration by the appropriate deadline.

A member of the Medical Fitness Association may nominate any MFA member they choose. The nominee must be a member of the Medical Fitness Association for at least one year prior for nomination and must be a current member of the Medical Fitness Association. Previous Award winners may be considered for award nominations after five years from receiving their award.

Story of the Hank Boerner Pioneer Award
Hank Boerner was a founding member of the Medical Fitness Association and the director of the North Mississippi Medical Center Wellness Center for 20 years. Hank was a pioneer who understood how critical the role of medical fitness plays in the lives of a community. He continuously involved himself and his center in initiatives that mattered to the lives of individuals. Hank served for many years on the Board of Directors of the Medical Fitness Association, and was also the Board Chair. Hank passed away in December 2012.

To remember Hank, the Medical Fitness Association renamed the annual Pioneer Award in 2013 to be the Hank Boerner Pioneer Award. Few individuals epitomize the word ‘pioneer’ as Hank did. In fact, Hank received the Pioneer Award at the Medical Fitness Association Annual Conference in 2011.