Medical Fitness Facility Director 

By offering this certification, MFA is helping to produce the next generation of fitness leaders and raising the bar for an entire industry.

Exposure to the study materials and industry metrics has been tremendously valuable to me in running my own facilities. Even industry veterans will be well served by pursuing these certifications. I highly recommend it; in fact, we now require it of our facility directors.

Executive Director at Beacon Health & Fitness
South Bend, Granger & Elkhart, IN

Since its inception, the Medical Fitness Association has provided fitness leaders with educational resources, networking opportunities and facility certifications. In addition, MFA offers the Medical Fitness Facility Director professional credential to help you take your career to the next level.

This certification is designed to test your knowledge of fundamental operations of fitness facilities and your understanding of the role fitness facilities play in the future of healthcare.

The Medical Fitness Facility Director Certification ensures that fitness facility directors and aspiring fitness facility directors possess the core knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently manage their centers. This 50-question exam covers knowledge in nine specific content areas relevant to the operation of medically integrated fitness facilities including:

  • Risk and Emergency Management;
  • Finance and Budgeting;
  • Staffing;
  • Quality and Outcomes;
  • Assuring a Safe Environment of Care;
  • Physician Referral;
  • Marketing;
  • Strategic Planning; and
  • General Operations. 

Possessing the CMFFD demonstrates to employers that you, the Certified Director, are prepared to ensure and sustain a safe environment of care for disease management programming that integrates seamlessly with both the fitness center’s core offerings and the local continuum of care.

MFA helps to prepare facilities and facility managers that are connected to local healthcare to fully meet the needs of the doctors, patients, members, communities and the health systems they serve.

resource list is available for reference.

A copy of the Test Blueprint may be found here.

A few Sample Test Questions with an explanation of each answer choice may be found here.

Elevate your career by becoming a Certified Medical Fitness Facility Director this year!

Exam Registration Fee (includes access to the Medical Fitness Institute modules):

  • Members: $299 for CMFFD Exam
  • Non-Members: $499 for CMFFD Exam (includes a complimentary one year Individual MFA Membership) 

Exam Offerings 

The Medical Fitness Facility Director exam is now available online. If you are interested in taking the exam, please contact Mariann Murphy, MFA Vice President,  by calling 910-420-8610 or email

Director Credential Recertification

The CMFFD credential is valid for a 3-year period. In order to maintain your credential, you must re-certify every three years.

There are two ways of re-certifying:

  1. you may document at least 30 hours of continuing education credits, or
  2. you may retake the Director Certification examination.

If you choose to document your education, fifteen(15) CEC credits must be earned through Medical Fitness Association educational programs, either in person at a live events or the Annual Conference, or by webinar. The remaining hours may be documented from any other source. These credit hours must be submitted to MFA within thirty (30) days of your 3rd anniversary to prevent your certification from lapsing.