Individual Professional of the Year Award

Award Categories: Medical Director, Executive Director/General Manager, *Director of Medical Fitness/Wellness, Director of Education/Outreach

The Distinguished Professional Awards recognize those who have displayed significant achievements as administrator or facility director. Recipients of these awards reflect outstanding accomplishments in their professional and personal lives.

The nominee should:

  • Be recognized as an exceptional executive who has significantly advanced the welfare of his/her facility, company and/or community
  • Contribute significantly and consistently to the advancement and/or recognition of the profession through service to the Medical Fitness Association and related organizations.
  • Share openly their valuable experience with other health and fitness executives.
  • Serve an active role in civic and community affairs.

Any member of the Medical Fitness Association may nominate another MFA member. The nominee must be currently employed in a full-time capacity as a healthcare administrator or as the manager of the medical fitness center. Directors must have been in their position for a least one year prior for nomination and must be a current member of the Medical Fitness Association. Nominees will be evaluated based upon facility success criteria, and service to the medical fitness industry and in their community. Previous Award winners may be considered for award nominations after five years from receiving their award.

*Director of Medical Fitness/Wellness provides oversight for programs such as Cardio-Rehab, Physical Therapy, Disease Management, Program Integration & Outcome Delivery