Outcome Studies

The Medical Fitness Association (MFA) is dedicated to serving its members as they advance the mission and margin goals of the medically integrated fitness center industry. The MFA Outcomes Committee has created an Outcomes Protocol to assist MFA member facilities in strategically distinguishing themselves in the markets they serve. There are reciprocal benefits to hospitals and medically integrated fitness facilities when attention is brought to the superior outcomes of MFA facilities in treating chronic diseases through exercise. The health of communities is strengthened and facilities benefit from increased clinical referrals, improved levels of clinical integration, better member retention and enhanced financial performance.

The MFA Outcomes Committee is recruiting MFA member facilities to participate in three outcomes studies which opened in August, 2016 and will run until sufficient data is collected to produce statistically significant data. We anticipate this will be by December 2020.

The three twelve week protocols will target Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension, and are hypothesized to yield outcomes that are superior to similar programs executed in non-medically based facilities. Pre- and post- measurements will be gathered, aggregated and studied to test the efficacy of the programs/environments and to provide data benchmarks back to our member facilities on these clinical programs. Participation in the MFA Outcomes Protocols will automatically meet the MFA Facility Standards and Guidelines for having three clinical programs in their certification process. Once validated, the MFA will assist in developing marketing messages to share the results with the provider community and the public at large and promote the advantages of participating in Lifestyle Management programs at MFA facilities.

The MFA appreciates the efforts and support of four (4) pilot program facilities. These dedicated health care transformation leaders helped to blaze a trail for all future MFA members to follow in making a difference in the health of our communities and the health of our businesses.

To participate, you need the support of your senior management and clinical leaders. Data acquisition is essential to our success with timely and compliant pre- and post-testing, and monthly outcomes reporting.

Some organizations (but not all) will require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before you will be able to begin the studies. Aggregate data will be collected and distributed as comparative benchmark indicators to program participants.

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