Poster Presentation Submissions 

Do you have a program, best practice or a research study that enhances and advances the medical fitness industry? Share your inspiring story during our 31st Annual International Conference on Oct 27-29, 2021 in San Antonio, TX.

If you have submitted a proposal for a conference session, you may also submit a proposal for a poster. If your poster is accepted, you may attend the Annual Conference at the speaker rate of $150. That’s over $200 in savings!  If you are a student, your savings are even greater. You can attend for just $75. Contact your school to see if they have funds available to facilitate your attendance at professional conferences as a presenter.

Poster presentation deadline ends September 1, 2021.

MFA Poster Presentations provide an opportunity to share best practices, successful programs and research findings. Posters will be selected by our Conference Committee.

The presenters who are approved will be invited to present their poster, facilitate discussions and answer questions during the scheduled times.

Topics for Poster Presentations Include (but not limited too):

  • Clinical Integration
  • Benchmarks and Outcomes
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Technology
  • Population Health
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Best Practices


  • Advertising or product/brand promotion is not permitted.
  • Posters should present an overview of the research, program or promising practice, including the rationale, population, brief description, the results and the value and applicability of the material.
  • Photos and graphics in addition to text are encouraged.
  • Availability of program resources and contact information are appropriate.

    Benchmarks & OutcomesBest PracticesClinical & BeyondPersonalized MedicinePopulation Health ManagementOtherStrategic PositioningTechnology