Webinar: Practical Coaching Skills for Lasting Health Behavior Change


Behavior change is challenging; sustaining that behavior change over a long period of time is even more difficult. Often coaches and trainers blame their clients for “just not getting it,” failing to realize their joint contribution to failed long-term change. Using emotional intelligence as our foundation, this presentation will explore evidence-based coaching communication skills that foster your clients’ autonomy and self-efficacy. Building on these communication skills, the motivational interviewing framework will be introduced and discussed, creating an actionable framework for improving long-term health behavior change outcomes in a collaborative dance between coach and client.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explore the concept of emotional intelligence as it relates to coaching health behavior change.
2. Teach evidence-based coaching communication skills (the O.A.R.S skills).
3. Discuss the motivational interviewing framework for facilitating lasting health behavior change.

Speaker: Michael Stack, CEO & Exercise Physiologist at Applied Fitness Solutions