Webinar: The 4 T’s of Developing and Presenting an Effective Educational Seminar


To all Medical Fitness Facility Directors, Operators, Managers, and staff… the MFA values your participation – and the Education Advisory Panel believe that many of you have knowledge, expertise of experiences that may be of great benefit to our members. Some of you have had a great idea for an educational presentation but do not know where to start? Maybe you’ve thought about sharing what you know in a webinar, but don’t know how to go about it. Or perhaps you’ve never thought about presenting… well now you can.

This session is designed to walk you through the process… from concept to presentation, covering the 4 T’s: Topic – Takeaways – Technology – Title. We will provide strategies for constructing an effective submission for any educational presentation – including identifying a great topic, crafting an effective summary, identifying appropriate learning objectives, creating an effective and professional PowerPoint, and selecting the perfect title.

Your instructors are both experienced MFA presenters and are both on the Education Advisory Panel… bringing invaluable expertise from both sides of the podium. The MFA is always accepting session submissions, and whether you are a seasoned public speaking pro or a complete novice, this seminar will help you create, submit, and (if accepted), present an MFA-quality education session. What are you waiting for… share what you know.

Learning Objectives
1. Determine the perfect topic that captures your unique strengths & construct appropriate learning objectives
2. Write a descriptive and appropriate lecture summary & create a professional, engaging, and effective PowerPoint
3. Compose a presentation title that demands attention

Cosmo Wollan, Sr Executive at Synergy Cubed
Melissa Ziegler, Asst. Teaching Professor at USM